June 6, 2009

Convert PDF to WORD Online

One of the irritating feature of PDF is, its read only and you cannot edit it. Why struggle? just use a simple PDF to WORD Converter.

DONT CLICK HERE. Am not going to give any download link for a Software. When you can make it Online


Check your Password Strength

You might use complex password which may appear strong to you. But the fact that the password must be strong to the hackers.

To check your password strength you cannot visit a GYM just Visit

Microsoft Password Checker

Access Orkut and Other Social Networks in Blocked Networks

Orkut blocked?
Facebook blocked?
MySpace Blocked?

Phew! Damn it. Dont worry here is your solution

Now all you need to do is

Ctrl + N and type www.ping.fm

Ping.fm is an area where you can update all your social networking sites.

Just Sign Up and Forget the Links of Other Blog Sites.


Download Pure SuDoKu

Pure Sudoku is a traditional SuDoKu Game.

Quite a good GUI.

Three levels
1. Beginner
2. Intermediate
3. Expert

with a Tutorials of Beginner which gives an almost completed puzzle.

Download SuDoKu

Clear Temp Folder in Windows Manually

Temp Folder is a Deep Folder which Carries out temporary storage of all All your Data like Extracting a Compressed folder, Disk Image Etc.

This temp folder silently occupy much space and its advisable to clear it frequently.


Windows XP
"C:\Documents and Setting\\Local Settings\Temp"

Windows Vista and Se7en
"C:\Users\\Local Settings\Temp"

This takes you to Temp Folder, Delete all Manually.

Capture Video - Even your Desktop

Sometimes there might be a need to Capture a Video (Print Screen Gives only Still Images).

Especially gamers who want to record their game for Demo.

Fraps will do the trick for you.

Its simple, light and Easy tool to record video anywhere in your System

Download Fraps - Windows

For Mac Users

Snapz pro is quite a Similar Software

Download Snapz Pro - Mac

Formatting a HDD

Formating Non-Os Volume::

1. Open MyComputer.

2. Right Click on the drive partition that has to be formatted.

3. Select Format and Click Ok.

Formating Partition that has Operating System:

1. Insert any Windows Installation CD.

2. Reboot

3. Continue Installation.

4. Proceed until you get a Menu to select "Where to install XP"

5. There Select the Drive that has Operating System.

6.. In the next Screen , You have five Options

-> Format with FAT (quick)
->Format with NTFS (Quick)

-> Format with FAT (full)
->Format with NTFS (full)

-> leave as such.

Select any of the above four formatting options.

Wipe Out Entire Hard Disk:

1. Follow the precious method till Step 4.

2. Highlight the Drive you want to to remove and Press D and L.

3. Do it for all the partitions to get a full unpartitioned Disk.

Format OS-Partition Cold Method (Warning : Dont try it in your computer)

How to Connect a Media to a Motherboard

There are only 3 main media that can be Connected directly to Motherboard.

1. Floppy Disk

2. Hard Drive


Nothing difference. All have Same Convention.

There are two components for every drive.
1. Data Cable
2. Power Cable.

Power Cable enables powe supply to the device.

Data Cable gives the Input to the Computer.

Data Cable are to varieties.
1. IDE - A Flat Ribbon Like Cable
2. SATA - A Thin Cable.

General Knowledge is enough.Just see the Socket in the Device and plug in appropriately.

You are done

Monitor your Bandwidth

Questioning yourself.

"How i exceed my bandwidth Limit?"

Dont worry, now you can witness(accuse lolz) yourself by monitoring what you download and how much bandwidth that page absorbs

Download Shaplus Bandwidth Meter

WINRAR - A Review

RAR is not a RARE one now.

Now almost everyone started using it. A Compression software which allows users to put numerous files in to a single compressed folder with an extension .rar.

The traditional zip fie has .zip extension in which we can only compress and consolidate.

The New WinRar give many options like Splitting Files, SFX Archiever even it open ISO also.

Download WinRAR -32 Bit

Download WinRAR -64 Bit

Undetected GPU - Solution Here

Common Complaint!!

"My Computer goes blank when i use my new nVidia (or anything) GPU.

The Main problem is in BIOS.

1. Open BIOS setting (need to reboot)

2. Select Peripheral Devices

3.An Select Primary Display as PEG or PCI anything you see.

4. Now Save and Reboot .

Install Windows 7 from USB/External Hardisk

We are not much into installing Windows via a USB Device(we were had no need). Now Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) can be downloaded as an .iso file (A standard disk image format).

If you dont have a DVD Drive(Who uses a DVD Drive Now!!!), dont worry. You are a minute away from knowing how to install Windows without DVD Drive or with USB or what ever it may be( Dont chop my flow).

Before starting make up your BIOS to allow your USB deivce to Boot.


1. Insert you External HDD or USB Drive

2. Right Click MyComputer.

3. Click Manage.

4. Scroll Down and Select Disk Management.

5. Now Extract the Windows .iso file to the Exteernal Drive (Magic ISO, Ultr ISO can do the Job)

(Warning : Dont mount the .iso file in an Emulation Drive and Copy the Contents. That wont work as the boot record wont get Copied)

6. Right Click your USB Device and Select Mark Active Partition.

(Warning : Do this Only if you are going to install atonce you do this step. Else YOur Current Wont boot as the Active Partition is Moved. If you Planned to install later do this step later)

7. Now Reboot the System , the Installation Should Work Fine.

Make MS Office 2003 Patch for Office 2007 Download

MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007 have really a huge Gap (Yes 4 years!!).

The tradition extension .doc which is used right from the beginning of MS Office 97 has been replaced by a new(OK little Old) extension .docx (Document Extended!!).

The problem is that .doc and .docx are different file types and only MS Office 2007 can open both the file types but it is unrecognizable format for the former.

People who use a System with Ok type Configuration Cannot afford run Office 2K7 as it is built with heavy GUI implementation with Memory Eating Components. So they restricted themselves to Office 2003.

The Change from .doc to .docx affected international standard of data storage.

Office 2K7 users have no Problem as they can save it in .doc format.

But Office 2K3 users was not able to open .docx till they read this Article. As they came to know that there is a Compatibility pack and they can just download it by CLICKING HERE

Multiple Personality (Dis)order with IE8

IE 7 has a default feature ,that each instance of IE has its own Session (Cookie). You can login to multiple accounts of same sites at ease without having to use any special procedure.

The Same Feature is also available in IE8 but its not made default. The New Instance of IE8 will share the same Session.

So if you are already logged in to an account. Creating a new instance of IE for the same website will automatically log you in.

Dont give up!!

Just a Piece of Cake

1.Open IE8

2. File -> New Session

3. Tune in your other personality in the same website.

iPhone Video - Rumour Sequel

Introducing the sequel of Rumour Series About iPhone.

iPhone Video could be the name of new iPhone 3.0 as it has (has to) fix the Video Recording Feature issue again the question

" Why a 30K iPhone has no Video Recording Option when a 3K mobile has it"

These days rumours about iPhone starts spreading like pandemic virus. This clearly witnesses the eagerness , anxiousness of new iPhone which they believe that Apple wont disappoint them (Again :()

Next Expected Rumour:

Apple Blue iPhone will be its new name as it fixes its Bluetooth Issue.

iPhone and Palm PRE - One on One

Palm PRE Joins the touch screen mania along with iPhone and HTC.

As HTC is mostly compared to a professional mobile and available in variety of series (even for 8000 INR), it is in no way to compete with iPhone which has only two versions 16 GB and 32 GB.

Now iPhone cannot ride the bike alone in Mobile Street. Palm PRE has entered with new WEB-OS with a brilliant features

Peel Skin Comparison:

  • iPhone has 3G
  • Palm PRE also has 3G

  • iPhone is Touch Mobile
  • Palm PRE is also Touch. Mobile.

  • iPhone comes in 8GB and 16 GB Version
  • Palm PRE comes in fixed 8GB Version.

Coming from Back:

  • Palm PRE has a 3MP Camera.
  • iPhone has a 1.3MP/2MP* Camera
  • Palm PRE Comes with Plenty of Pre-Locaded Applications.
  • iPhone - Very Few
  • Palm PRE equiped Typical Mobile Feauters like SMS Forwarding, Video Recording.
  • iPhone - !!!

Buy yourself and Check

June 5, 2009

New Wide Screen Monitor - Literal meaning taken

Wide screen term which is usually used for mentioning a dimension which is not Square. But the meaning widescreen is literally taken by NEC.

Introducing a Mega? Huge? Ultra? , we should definitely use the word Terrible Wide TFT Monitor CRV43

The Specifications are really Jaw Dropping.

Resolution : 2800 x 900

Aspect Ratio : 32 : 10

The Monitor has a terrifying response time of 0.02 ms. And the form factor is not like normal Wide Screen Monitor but a Little Curvy One which almost covers the entire content of any Game with Surrounding Effect.

I forgot to tell one thing.

Close your Jaw!!

Peregrine - The Gaming Glove

Using a glove for gaming is is good experience.

Peregrine is a new gaming device just like a Joysticks that works in PC predominantly. The Glove is blessed with huge number of Shortcut Keys which including all gaming controls.

The Configuration is made such that touching two fingers together will be invoke a command inn Action. There are enough pores in the Glove so that you wont sweat much.

The USB is a Magnetic attachment mechanism, so you need not fear about unplig it due to over enthusiasm.

Flying Car Passes Initial Flight Test

Now Road Traffic is no more a Problem. As we have our new flying car with positive test results.

There are four stages of test that are planned to determine the correctness and durability of the Car(Terrafugia)

Rite Now, Teerafugia has passed the first stage of testing.

This Car was put into road testing for 6 months and already underwent 27 other test flight.

It is similar to a trainer, with just two seats with automatic Transformation.

Expecting this Soon..

As said earlier

No traffic is no more a problem a now.

OOPSS!!! Air Traffic!!!!!

Bing Hi-jack issue Corrected - Microsoft

Bing is a Hijacks Internet Explorer 6. People who are using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) reported that their browsers are hi-jacked.

People who kept default search engine as some other are also directed t bing. Not only google but many other sites are reported.

Since IE6 is quite outdated , Microsoft might have forgot to check that issue as the later versions of IE or entirely different from IE6.

Now the Bug has been fixed says Microsoft.

Even though we might accuse users for using a outdated version of a Browser, indirectly it is the responsibility of Microsoft.

iPhone 3.0 for this Summer

Apple is Sure about the release of iPhone 3.0 .

Apple is in a big need to release iPhone 3.0 to stay in the market as its competitiors took advantage over the drawbacks in iPhone 2.0.

iPhone 2.0 was quite disappointing , lacking many elementary features like

1. SMS Forwarding.

2. Bluetooth file Transfer

3. Video recording

4. Flash.

5. Replaceable Battery

But now iPhone 3.0 has got the Cut,Copy and Paste. You can do CCP on any text anywhere in iPhone. Also Stereo enabled bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth profile for File Transfers.

However the Video Recording and Flash features are still under investigation. Many Source Say, the iPhone 3.0 has those features and not yey officially announced.

And forget, you can never replaceable your iPhone Battery. Apple is helpless for that :(

Tetris Celebrates 25th Anniversary this Week

Tetris, one of the most played game ever. Starting from hand held games, 8-bit Games to PC. It has reached children and even my adults to a great.

Whenever we are bored, just open Tetris and start building block. This also one of the games which had many variants such like Jewel Tetris, Brick Tetris and much More.

It was invented bt a Russian Mathematician Alexey Pajitnovth in June 1984.

The first PC to run Tetris is IBM, which turned to be a big hit.

Even though it doesnot deploy heavy graphics and absolutely no story(:D), it still has a great effect and has a reason to play.

Expert's Comment

One reason why Tetris is so enduring is that it transcends culture. It is beyond language. It is part of a universal desire for order," Ultimately, it's a mental sport, a mix of fun and mental stimulation."

- Hank Rogers, the CEO of Blue Planet.

[Play Free Tetris Here]

Microsoft Bing - A Search Engine or "Decison Engine"

Miscrosoft Live Search is now Bing. Microsoft calls it a "Decision Engine" rather than " a "Search Engine".

After all much expectation, bing is no big thread for google.

Bing instead of doing search, helps the users to make a decision based on the recent searches.

Bing Still is coming behind Google when talking of Search results. The Search result are not better than google, even some results that appear in Google does not appear in bing.

The Main advantage of Bing is the Page Design. The Home page is very simple. And the number of Ads is very low when compared to Google which has more Sponsored Links.

Till now the only reason to move to bing is to have a non-congested Web Interface.

Intel Larrabee Procesor - A Different GPU

Intel Larrabee processor is not a Normal Intel CPU. But its a GPU. In turn it is not a normal GPU. The GPU is developed separately from other GPUs of intel.

This Intel Larrabee Processor is entirely different from other GPUs. The Main Advantages of this

1. Uses Simple x86 Instructions.

2. Uses Cache Coherancy

3. Fixes major bugs in blending, Anisotropic rendering and Texture Compression.

This GPU is expected to compete with leading GPU manufactureres like nVidia and ATI.

Who knows nVidia might come new CPU!!!

Intel to own Wind River Now

Wind River , one of the leading Software optimization organization which will be owned by Intel Soon.

Intel which facing really a difficult competition among the other Manufacturer. On the One hand it needs to counter its CPU rivals and on the other hand its Intel Atom Processor designed for Mobiles should reach the Market well.

The main reasons behind is Intel Started concentrating Linux based Systems that are using Intel processors in it. Secondly, the need enough Software solution and Application Support. So it will be more healthy for INTEL to Acquire Wind River.

Intel had enough reach in PC. Now they mainly want to go wide into Notebook Processors.

By acquiring Wind River, Intel could get a bigger place in Software area. Intel also has a plan to Extend the Wind River technology to it Multi Core Based Processor for enhanced performance, which maily targets Intel Larrabee Processor.

Experts Review

(Quoted from PCWORLD)

"Intel already had quite a bit of embedded software expertise, and a bit of the motivation was to ramp that up," Wind River's products fit right into Intel's software offerings, which include compilers and tools like Vtune that analyzes and optimizes software performance. Compilers are a key to optimizing software for execution on the x86 processor instruction set
- McCarron.

"The company seems to be interested in the broader mobile and embedded software space, which continues to embrace Linux.Intel is obviously moving more aggressively into both software and mobile and embedded devices, so this acquisition fits both of those."
- Lyman

HTC Hero Android Phone

(Image shown is not HTC Hero Android)
HTC , just a Name is Enough which always means a Smart Phone. HTC marked a standard place for Smart Phone so called PDA (Personal Data Assistant).

But HTC Hero is not the usual one with Microsoft Windows. HTC Joins along with T-Mobile G1 to run ANDROID Operating System.

HTC hero will behave like a HTC mobile with Touch Screen with two variants With QWERTY Keyboard and Without QWERTY Keyboard( Dunno the reason behind).

Now its a Big Competition between Palm PRE, HTC Hero and iPhone this season

VIA - Back with Nano Processor

VIA .Whenever we hear the name , the thing comes to our mind is Motherboard and Mobile Processor. One of the fast moving boards those days. VIA video card, VIA audio They bth supported Intel AMD processors. VIA is the first one to introduce SDRAM implementation for the both Procesors. But slowly their market went down as leading Companies like Intel, Gigabytes started to release their own Boards.

Now VIA is back after a long struggle with a new NANO Processor. Its a normal 65nm Technology processor. The Dual core version of them might release later part the year.

Palm PRE Going to Hit the Store Soon

Palm PRE soon going to hit the Store with its new webOs Operating System. The Form factor of the Phone is trendy and appealing with Sliding Full QWERTY Keyboard.

In order to enforce compactness, Palm PRE has a very poor Keyboard Structure. The Vertical Keyboard Structure lookes like Palm Centro, which are little depressed. Users may find time to get accustomed with that.

The webOs interface is very clean and bright enough filled to quite a bold fonts. The Sound clarity is good.

Like other mobiles, this Palm PRE Supports many music and video formats and the Clarity is also pretty.

Camera is little disappointing. m A 3 MP Camera , LED Flash. Shocking thing would No Zoom, which even a midlle range mobile posses it. Camera lacks dedicated Shutter Button , so anti-blut , anti-shake is not assured.

Lets see the Market Review when it is fully in to the people.

N97 Launched today

Nokia Launches N97. A Luxurious Mobile Phone.

You can say that a Mobile Phone but a mini computer.

A Little Bulky Look with Stylish Silver/Black Colors.

Nokia N97 comes with full QWERTY keyboard for convenient big keypad.

Nokia 97 Supports Up to 48GB of External Memory and equipped with 32 GB of Internal Memory.

Like all latest mobiles,N97 has stunning feature like Five 5MP Camera with Digital Zoom , 3G (3.5G), Wi-Fi and So on.

This full bundle of technology integrated in a Single gadget costs around 35.000 INR.

As usual waiting for price slash.

GSeek - A Manipulated Google Search

GSeek is Website which Offers users a Convenient way to do Web Search.

The Most variants of Search Categories are dissected into separate Search Module and Which ensure that it gives almost appropriate answers for the Search.

Categories the GSeeks Concentrated:

1. General Search

2. Search with Lesser Ads

3. Music

4. Movies

5. Text Books

6. General Videos

7. Image

8. Latest News

9. Word Definition

10. Language and Country

11. Scholarly Pages

12. Stocks

13. Number Search

14. Related Sites

15. Calculator

16. Phonebook

17. Who Links yoour Site

18. A full filterable file type Search

USB Cable for Networking and Data Transfer Between Computers

Did you know that you can copy/ network two computers using USB-USB cable ??

The nearest to this that I've heard of is "M$ 's easy transfer cable" which is used by Windows Xp's File & settings transfer program.

But the actual fact is that we need a special cable unlike the Male-to-Female connect (used as extension cables) or even the Male-to-Male cable (which by the way, can destroy ur PC's USB/power supply etc).

It works in two modes

1. Link Mode
2. Network Mode

The former is meant for easy transfer of files, and is probably the reason for using the cable.

The latter's use similar to a network ethernet cable. It can be used for file, internet and printer sharing.

A little pricey. ~ $8 - $10 for a china make on ebay

(A direct quote from Hardware Secrets)

Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk

Nero 9

Yes. At least that is what it claims. Anybody using Nero 9, please update how efficient is this feature.

Nero BackItUp & Burn lets you:

* Perform tasks quickly and intuitively in just a few steps
* Back up data to hard drive, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, FTP, memory card,
and online storage*
* Rely on automatic backups to local hard drives and online storage
* Schedule backup jobs with flexibility and convenient e-mail confirmation
* Burn discs with the world's most reliable burning application
* Create audio CDs, copy DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs
* Sync all your files and folders for easy access to the latest versions
* Recover data from deleted and damaged storage media
* Restore files, folders, drives, and entire systems
* Enjoy the Nero Online Backup trial and get 1 GB storage space for 3
months FREE

Please define the storage media. Can it retrieve data ( at least partially) from a damaged CD/DVD.

(A Direct quote from Nero)

June 4, 2009

Improper Date Function in Computer

Is your Computer Going back Decades each time you boot your System.?

Your System shows wrong date despite of repeated changing.?

If your answer for the questions is Yes, then you need to Change your CMOS Battery.

CMOS Battery:

A CMOS battery is a disk shaped one (almost looks like a Watch battery but a little Bigger).

Open the Cabinet and you need not make a frantic Search. It will very much be visible.

Just Remove it. (Mechanical Advantage Concept) and replace it.

Unlimited Uploading and Download with Download Accelerator Support

Tired of Waiting for Rapishare with Limited Speed and Space.

Stop worrying

Introducing a New Site


1. All free accounts! No Premium accounts!!

2. Accepts parallel downloads! no waiting !!

3. Apart from download, you can view / watch / listen online any uploaded file with Ziddu!

4. Invite, Make and Share the joy and files with your Friends.

5. A plethora of photo management tools such as 'Photo Album' and 'Slide Show' to share!

6. Easy file management with multiple folder facility.

7. Flexibility to create Video and Audio libraries to share!!

8. Now users can browse & Use in Multiple Languages offered.

9. Wish your loved ones with personalized Greetings !

(Quoted from Website)

Google Squared

Google has launched a new Online Tool Called Google Squared

This is a brilliant idea from Google.

Google Square enables you to create a collective table that you want tie up and link each other.

You can save it to your Google Account (Need to Sign in to Save It).

There are some Predefine Squares Available.

Which are popular tags such as "India" US" Etc.

Karaoke Software

You need Nero Wave Editor to do this.

1. Open Nero Wave Editor.

2. Open the file to be processed.

3. Select Tools -> Stereo Processing.

4. Now you are given the Volume Controls for both Left and Right Speaker.

5. Use them appropriately to minimize either Voice/BGM.


This method will not make you to completely wipe out Music/BGM. ou can just minimize it.

Yahoo Answers Error : 999

The Most irritating thing is Yahoo Answers is error 999.

This mostly happens when you post too many answer in Yahoo Answers successively.

Yahoo misunderstands this as


2. Suspicious activity in Your Network.

3. Spyware that is flooding Yahoo Server.

As a result you might be able to post for some weeks, worst case for Months.

Preventive Measures:

1. Restrict the number of answers per day.

2. Dont answer too many question one after the other. Give Some time.

3. Be Patient.

Any ways. Yahoo needs put an end to this by using Image Verification.

Static and Dynamic IP

There are two IP Conventions:

1. Static IP.
2. Dynamic IP

Static IP:

Static IPs are static(as the name says) that is given to your internet Line. Where ever you move. if you use the same line, then the IP is same. This is generally called LEASED LINE and you dedicate a special line for yourself from your ISP.

Dynamic IP:

Its a changing one. Even if you are using the same computer,, each time you connect to internet you will get a different IP.

Resetting CMOS Setup

Intel Based Motherboard/Mercury Mobos:

You could see three pins(say 1,2,3) projecting upwards(written CMOS under them) with two of them short by jumper (1 and 2 Short)

Remove the jumper and Short (2 and 3) and leave if for 8 Seconds.

And restore the position of Jumper (1 and 2).

Be sure to replace the jumper else your computer wont start.

AMD Based Mobos (Gigabyte):

There will be two pins projecting upwards (Written CMOS under them).

Get a Jumper (From your HDD/CD Rom) short them for 8 seconds and remove it.

CMOS is reset

Selecting the Operating System - 32 bit or 64 bit.

32-bit Operating System:

If you install 32 bit OS then you need not worry about Applications and drivers. Most application are now compatible with 32-bit and drivers are also fully supportive.

But only drawback is Windows wont support 4 GB RAM , rather around 3.5 and Something.

64-bt Operating:

If you install 64-bit OS then , application and driver compatibility is a big issue
Drivers that you downloaded for Vista 32 - bit wont work in Vista 64 bit.

Only advantage till now using 64-bit vista is it supports 128 GB RAM

Essentials for Programming in Java

Java programming is basic for every programmer.

There are two ways to use java in a PC for Programming

Using IDE:

If you are using any IDE Like Eclipse , Net Beans

Install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Download JRE

This would suffice.

Using System Editor:

If you want to code manually

Download JRE
Java SDK

Now you can use the System Editor to Code Java

Compile with javac filename.java
Run with Java filename


The Second method of running java has a Special Constrain.

All the source files must be placed in BIN folder of Java.

If you wish to place the source files some where else (base folder), you need to set path.

Setting Path for Java:

1. Open Command Dos Prompt (Windows + R and Type cmd)

2. Navigate to the folder where you want to work out your files.

If you want all your programs to be in D:\Java Programs

use cd D:\Java Programs

3. Asuming that your Java is installed in C:\Program Files\Java\Java SDK 1.4\Bin

then set path as

set path = "C:\Program Files\Java\Java SDK 1.4\Bin";

4. To check whether the path is set correctly, type java in Dos Prompt and Press Enter.

You will see the java help file.

Locate a Computer with its IP address

If you want to find from where the IP is generated or to which locality the IP belongs to ?

Visit the Link Below


In the Page opens by default , it will show your IP and your Location.

Change the default IP to your desired IP and Submit.

You will get the route server ,name and Locality of the IP.

BSNL Standard Time or Server Time

The Biggest problem in BSNL is night unlimited timing. Most common complaint is people still getting chargeable usage in night unlimited.

Because BSNL time is not the same as internet time.

To match BSNL server time with your time and schedule your night download accordingly,

1. Open Run (Windows + R)

2. Type cmd and press Enter

3. Type the line telnet 13. and press Enter.

4. This will show you the current BSNL Time.

In case of windows vista, you need to enable TELNET by Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Add/Remove Windows Feature.

June 3, 2009

Change MyDocuments Location in Windows

1. Right Click My Documents.

2. Click Location

3. Change it.

4. Done.

Change Temp Folder in Windows

Most of the time you run out of Space in Windows Drive when extracting huge files.

So to get rid of that. Move the Temp Folder to some other large partition.

1. Open System Properties (Windows + Pause Break)

2. Click Advanced Settings

3. Click Environmental Variables

4. Click New

5. Edit the Variable Temp and Change the Value with the path where you want to transfer.

6. Save it.

Cutting Audio files with Nero Wave Editor

1. Open Nero Wave Editor.

2 Open (Ctrl + O) the Song to be partitioned.

3. Press SPACE bar to start playing the Song.

4. When the spot which wanted gets played, press the SPACE bar again so that the cursor stops there.(A vertical Line)

5 Click on the Spot and while holding your left mouse button drag to the mouse to the place where you want.

6. Cut the part (Edit -> Cut)

7. Open another instance of Nero Wave Editor and paste it and Save the file as required.

What is DB2

DB2 is a Database Like Oracle and MS Access.

It belongs to IBM

Usually IBM Web Sphere and DB2 are used.

There is another called WSAD (Web Sphere Application Wizard)

Which has both Database and Server.

What is CMS?

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System.

There are many CMS available.
Java Based
.Net based
PHP based

CMS is the latest and easiest way to create a Website. These CMS can be installed in Web host via Fantastico Installer.

Each and every part of the Website can be downloaded as a Module which are user friendly and editable.

Some Famous CMS:

Fixing Virus Issue without anti-virus and Erasing

This is quite tough and mostly results in failure.

You need to study about the virus and its activity very intensively and if posible the name.

1. Go to Safe Mode.

2. Run->Msconfig->Startup-> Remove all suspicious start up program.

3. Open Task Manager and End All the process that are unknown and suspicious.

4. Open Reg editor Run->Regedit and remove the keys correspondingly.

This mostly wont work efficiently . But why dont you do try it!!!

June 2, 2009

MBR , VBR and Extended Partition

MBR - Master Boot Record carries the instructions to locate active partition and initiate VBR activity

VBR - Volume Boot Record - Contains the Instructions to LOAD the OS

Extended partition:

Windows Supports Only 4 Primary partitions (A dark blue Strip) excluding created by Linux.

The rest of the Disk is Partition in a way as Partition inside Partition.

If you have 80gB Space Remaining Unallocated.

Then the full 80gB is created a Single Partition with required file System(Florescent green Strip) and again in turn, they can be partition within the Extended Partition called LOGICAL PARTITION (Light Blue Strip).

That means

Only one partition is there but logically it divided in to many partitions.

How to Create a PDF Document.

There are three Ways to Create a PDF Document.

1. Create PDF Online.

2. Create a Word document and Convert it to PDF.

Word to PDF Convertor

3. Buy Adobe PDF Maker Professional

What is Torrent - Light Touch Up

Torrent literally means Plenty.
A Single file is received from and send to many users across the internet in small parts of it through a protocol called Bit-TorrentBiT-Torrent is a a new protocol developed by some one dunno who is it.For HTT-Protocol u need A browser.Like that for BitTorrent Protocol u need softwares like uTorrent.You download a file through a entry pass to enter the bit torrent world called torrent file (.torrent extension).That file yields you actual file contacting all the systems connected through that torrent file.


1. Open www.torrentz.com

2. Enter the Movie/application you want in the Search bar and Search.

3. You might get many results. Click the one which has many Seeders/uploaders.

4. After you click the link it will navigate to another page showing different sites that are hosting the file.

5. Select one and navigate.

6. There you will get DOWNLOAD TORRENT. Do it. You will get a small file with .torrent extension.

7. Download uTorrent.

8. Install uTorrent.

9. Open uTorrent and Select File-> Open and select the .torrent file you just download.

10. You will get a Windows Showing the file details. There you can set the download location if you want or leave it default.

11. Press OK and Wait for a while your download will start.

12. After the download is complete, Right click and Select Open Containing Folder, which will lead you to the file.

Windows Good or Bad

GOOD for Normal Users.

1. Variety of Softwares Applications to solve all basic need.

2. Easy to install with just a double( Even can be changed to single clicks).

3. World of PC Gaming has mainly concentrated Windows as a basic thing.

4. No command typing and coding knowledge required.

5. Accessibility and Easy Adaptability.

BAD for Advanced users:

1. You cannot edit or develop any part of Existing windows. You might add something.

2. Errors thrown by Windows are known only to Windows and cannot be rectified by without prior Knowledge.

3. Extensive GUI and Vibrant design sometimes irritates us when u are in a urge to login into our system. It loads slowly.

4. Vulnerable to hackers and Virus. The Easiest executable file is .exe. To protect ourself from those vulnerabilities we need third party Softwares.

5. Iritating Warnings when u just disable your firewall some work and many other warnings.

June 1, 2009

Repair missing files in Windows XP

If You know the file you can can just copy the file.

Insert XP CD. Boot from CD.
Continue the XP Setup.

At a point , the Setup will show. three options

-> Install Windows

Selecting Repair will direct you to command prompt , there you can copy the file


Press Enter in the previous screen..

Setup searches for previous version of windows. When it detects an XP installed already, it would prompt you to press 'R' to repair.

Press 'R' and Continue the repair process.

This is safe and your Data wont go off!!

Disk Read Error

This is most common problem in PCs. Hard disk.

This mostly happens when the Data Cable(IDE/SATA) cable is not inserted properly.


If you are using IDE, Check whether any of the pin is bend, if so fix it and put the Cable.


Sata sometimes the Cable fits with a little gap. Press a little hard to fix it properly.


If none of the above works.
Contact the manufacturer. Might have some damaged head

Total Video Convertor.

Total Video converter is an utility which is used to convert media files from one format to other.
More than 20 formats are available for conversion with each format has its own Options to adjust the parameter. Total video converter is just an universal converter. Every multimedia file has an alternative format. Not all video/audio formats are playable. Fresh PCs with Windows Media Player cannot play even basic AVI or MP3 formats due to lack of codecs.

When coming to mobile, size comes to picture. Mobiles play only 3Gp format files. This time you desperately need a converter to convert your favorite videos.

This utility gives you handy interface to get along with your entertainment in variety of formats.


Download youtube videos as FLV files

Youtube is the main source of videos around the world. You can even find very rare videos that have least possibility to be sold or broad- casted in media Downloading vidoes from youtube is quite a bitter task.Do not worry.Now you can download it easily.Open the video you want.Go to the address bar and copy the url.Paste the URL in the site below.


And click get link.After you press you will get a direct link to download youtube video.The downloaded video will be in .flv format.You can convert the File in to required format by using Total Video Converter

Display Driver failed and/but Recovered

Some times while running windows, due to some circumstances(need not go deep) forces some programs to quit.

In Windows Vista Desktop is run in a program called Desktop Window Manager(dwm.exe).
When this program is forced to shutdown ,the screen might go blank and recover ,as the process re-initiates again.This is not a bug. or a blunt application crash It can be called as Safe Shutdown of a component/application in order to avoid critical damage to other dependent applications.

Every application has an exception that can never be handled safely while devising it. Such exception are taken care by the environment. In this, the exception has been taken care by windows to restore the application safely.

What is DSL,ADSL and SDSL

DSL is the abbreviation of Digital Subscriber Link.

ADSL and SDSL are two parts of DSL

ADSL - Asymmetric DSL. where the upload/upstream is always lesser than dowload/downstream.


BSNL offer 2 Mbps downstream and 512 kbps upstream.

SDSL - Symmetric DSL. where the Upload/Upstream = Download/Downstream


Airtel offers 256kbps downstream/256 kbps upstream.

How to Adjust System Resolution

If you running in a low resolution say 640 x 480. Your font might appear very huge so that you cant see the whole thing in desktop/browser which would make you scroll to see the rest of it.

To Fix the problem.

1. Right Click on the desktop

2. Select Properties

3. Select Settings tab.

4. Slide the resolution to higher value and save it.

5. Your Screen may go black for few seconds , do not panic it will recover.

May 31, 2009

Teleportation Possible??

Law of Conservation of Energy:

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. But one form of energy can be transformed into equal amount of another.

Einstein Mass Energy Relationship:

E = mc2

So energy can be converted into mass and viz. If this is possible then teleportation is also possible.

Consider a small pen. If the pen is converted into energy and sent through a wire to a destination with required voltage.The receiver receives the signal and converts the energy back to mass.

Do you believe in this. Do you believe physics.?

Top Ten Technologies

1. Cubic Chips - Enhanced Layer efficiency of Processors

Protein Shakers - Using Protein instead of Magnetic / Optical Media for Storage.

3. Sensor Gloves - A Gloves which adjusts with the Situation like your Shades.

4. Anti-Virus Cluster - An Online Application to monitor your PC round the Clock Remotely.

5. Telescopic Pixels - Future generation of CRT,Plasma and LCD.

6. Sensitive Artificial Listeners -Text - Speech and other voice responses in an emotional way.

7. Wireless Electricity - Electricity through Air.

8. Table Screens -Interactive Table Desk for Education.

9. Wrap Around Computers - Morph technology. More or Less.

10. Ultra Compressed Music Files - Small file with Brilliant Quality.

How to turn off LAN using Windows Command

This is for people who love to work with commands. Most people who jump from Linux to Windows(Impossible!!) rub their fingers along the Command Dos Prompt window.

Even it is good to work commands, as GUI is always "What you see is what you get"


1. Open Run (Windows + R) and type cmd. In case of Vista/Se7en run Command DP from Start->Accessories->Command Prompt and Run as Administrator

2. Type the following commands to stop the internet.

ipconfig /release
net stop dhcp

3. Type the following commands to start it again.

net start dhcp
ipconfig /renew

This should work perfectly.

This process works only if you have a Dynamic IP.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

How to Connect internet in two PCs through LAN

1. Connect the two PCs with a RJ45 Crossed Cable.

2. Create a LAN between the two PCs with Same workgroup Name.

3. After establishing the LAN, connect one of the Systems to internet through USB(no other way).

4. Now two LAN icons should appear in the System tray. One for the icons is for the System ,other one for the Internet Connection.

5. Now open network settings and select the "internet connection" and enable SHARING.

6. Now internet connection has been shared between two systems.


If you want to connect more than two PCs, use a switch/HUB.