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Nvidia Unified Driver Architecture(UDA)

Now you cannot find a driver exactly for your Video Card. For example if you have nVidia 8500 GT, you cannot get a driver exactly . Instead you will get a driver which fits universally for the nVidia 8x Cards. All cards which come under GeForce and 8x will have same video driver.

Notable Advantage is, single driver for a whole set of related video cards, so that even upgrading to the same series will make you to use the same driver.

File Size is the biggest disadvantage.Before UDA adoption, size of the driver file will be around 27 - 30 MBs. Now UDA drivers weigh around 160-180 MB.

Zoom Videos on the Fly

Media players are many in deed. With loads and loads of features. Ripping, inverting, enhancing and many more. But i found a typical feature which i dont think is found in even leading audio/video players.

Live Zooming - Zoom the video on the fly.What am talking about. Mouse scroll has not big use in audio players. Just to adjust the volume. But this player has written a new code for Mouse Scroll. Scroll the mouse to zoom in or zoom out a video. As simple as that. Open a video and scroll. See the reality. No jumbling, No Lagging absolute zooming.

Download Zoom Player

Blogger Abnormal Editor

This is quite funny and interesting. I felt this recently when i was making an article. I typed an article what i planned. After completing it , i reviewed it. Found some spelling and grammatic mistakes.I corrected all those. While am in the processing, i deleted a line unfortunately. I did not worry as CTRL + Z is always there to help. But this time CTRL + Z worked a bit extra. When i used the re-do option. The deleted line was restored, in addition to that,the correction what i made before were also rolled back.

This might be a misfunction in Blogger stack. The history gathers more than one item, so that all operations that were carried out will be undone.Weird!!!Adding to it, this is the second weird feature i found in blogger.

Real Player - Convert Audio/Video Files

Real player is not just a player any more.Now you can convert your music to your favorite format.This is even more like a banana.You dont need to search for the apt format for your device. The player/converter comes with a list of formats point their device names. Just select the format and click start.

The Most attractive feature is that , you can rip audio from a video file directly.
Before knowing this, i use to open the video in movie maker and drag the video to the music timeline and export it to get the audio extracted. But the procedure has been called off as Windows movie maker is not bundled with Windows 7.

This might put an end to Windows Moviemaker's Need. real player also comes in a premium version called Realplayer Super Pass which is not a free one. You need to buy it. The free version of real player would suffice.Real player started impressing a bit.

Donwload Music from Live Websites

No More restrictions.

No more view only media.

There are many handy websites with lots of stuff. But they are just view/hear only.You cannot download anything. You can just listen to the songs or view the videos.Youtube,smashits are some of them.

Youtube videos can be downloaded in many ways, but what about music.

Here comes the remedy.

1. Install Real Player

2. Make Sure, the Browser Download plugin Option is Checked while installing.

3. Complete the installation(Need to close all the browsers to install the plugin)

4. Now oopen your favorite music site or youtube. Play your song.

5. Now you see a button to download the content. Click it and you are done.

Download Real Player

Antivirus and Firewall for windows 7

Initiative problem. Antivirus , one of the important components of a System. Right now only a few antiviruses have come. Many people might miss their favorite ones. For me its ESET.I tried installing ESET in my windows 7 PC. Ended up in system jam. To many error and alerts, non-compatibility pop ups.

Finally removed it.

Kept my hand in firewall on my favorite Zonealarm. After a long battle, too many OKs to click, completed the installation Successfully.The Consequences i faced are.

1. Internet failed to work as LAN turned itself off, but the fact , the LAN is on physically.

2. Hamachi network, failed to sync.

3. Zone alarm itself did not work.

Finally i managed to fix it. Not with any patch but uninstalling it.I found the supported anit-virus in Microsoft Website, but none of them attracted me.

So here comes


Your favorite OS(Windows 7) or Your Favorite Anti - virus. Decide.!!

Disposable E-Mail

The Most irritating Scenario.

You look for something online through Google, you got the website which has what you need, but they want you to register with time. You do just because you desperately need it. After a while, your inbox will be flooded with the website, merchandising their products and other stuff.

For people whose eyes has been tied in this case, here comes the eye opener.

Disposable E-Mail.

1. Visit 10 Minute Mail

2. Your temporary email is right ahead on the home page.

3. Copy that and use it where ever you want.

4. Refresh the page once , to see your inbox.

5. You can even reply to a mail from the Temporary ID.

6. If you need the email to last long for some more time, Click the Link Give me 10 more Minutes, your email ID's deadline will be increased.

Keep an eye on the counter, if you lose the ID you can never get it back. The inbox is lost once for all when you lose the ID.

Execute SQL Queries without Oracle/MySQL

Whenever we think about SQL, either we need Oracle or MySQL.

If you have either of them , it is well and good. But if you dont have ,then you are running towards the dead end.

You cannot download Oracle , if you have a Slow or limited internet connection as the Size is too large.

MySQL is in turn a light weight, but even it is about 35 MB.

To stop your worries,here comes a software W-AMP. W-AMP stands for Windows Apache MySQL Php.This is really a handy tool , weighs just around 16 MB in size.As the name says, you can run Php, execute SQL Queries.And after everything, you can deploy Joomla.

Download WAMP

Tail Cut : If you are Mac Download the Mac Version X-AMP.

Motherboard for India

Power CutVoltage FluctuationLow Voltage.
These are the terms reserved for Indian Country, as we face this in everyday of our life. Even i get irritated, when my CPU restarts when am playing a game.I can play the level again, but what happens to the computer. There are many devices , which get contaminated due to abrupt power cuts.

CD/DVD Burners are in the Top. Many people witness their Burners turn useless after a sudden power cut when a CD/DVD Burning is under progress.Burner is just a part of the System, but Motherboard is the Heart of the System.

These Voltage fluctuation might affect, South and North Bridge, even the PCI Slots. Now ASUS has planned to seal the worry of all Indian.

A New Motherboard which could adjust accordingly to the voltage variation. A Special Circuit placed adjacent to the FSB, will tackle the silent attack.

Search Engines What it actually means?

This might sound funny but this is real.

I recently searched the Keyword "Search Engine"(Ofcourse no other job) in bing, because it is the one which is on hot air now.Alas! The first page results had no link to

Now its Google's turn.Searched the Same keyword "Search Engine".First page results contained Google. But after Bing.Shocking. How come a search engine dont have enough keyword to bring its own Engine to the top.

Bing might claims it as Decision Engine. But Google?

The Image reveals one more detail. Both the results have Altavista with higher preference than Google and Bing.

BSNL - Line Drop Problem

Frequent visitors of my blog might not have found any new posts for past three days. Sorry for all readers. The Complete blame is on BSNL.

For the past two months, i experienced frequent oscillation of ADSL Signal. As a Light rain, current month Telephone Bill has Come, with an handy guide for BSNL Broadband.

One Single Note , alerted me.
"Your wire from the Node must be as straight as possible. There must be no joints in between".

Checked my wires on reading the instruction. Alas! Found more than five joins held with insulation tapes. With no other way, i pulled the wire out of the junction and threw it in the garbage. Made a complaint at 198 regarding dead phone line.

As a result, a single straight line has been established from the Junction to my Home. Hope , this fixes the problem.

If not!!

AIRTELLLLL!! Where are you!!