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Blogger custom search gadget

My first version of blogger custom search engine. I used simple HTML and javascript. As this is the first version, i did not use any complex scripting.
Elevator:Go to blogger.comLayout -> Add a gadgetSelect HTML/JavascriptPaste the code and save it.


<html><br /><head><br /><script language="javascript"><br />function synd(){<br />var URL = ""+document.getElementById("syndrome_search_text").value;<br><br />;<br />}<br /></script><br /></head><br /><body><br /><input type = "text" id="syndrome_search_text"><br /><input type = "button" id="syndrome_search_button" onclick='synd()' value="Search"><br /></body><br /></html>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp

Infected with Harish Syndrome

How to get best answers easily in yahoo answers

Quick way to get Best Answers:

Watching your Answers:

Before reading this, please understand. Am not going to tell any shortcut or a illegitimate way to get best answers soon. Am just underlining the important fact that everyone has a big probability to forget. Am talking out voting.Yahoo answers has a funny visible black hole. Its nothing but, you can vote for your own answers.Statistics says, most of the best answers are selected by voting. As the asker spends less time selecting the best answer. So if you answer a question in yahoo answer, be sure to watch the question frequently. Many answers win best answer award with just one vote.But the single vote worth ten points. Its not only important to answer a question sincerely. If your answer deserves best answer award you will get it. If not, its not a sin to push it.

Question Selection:

Question selection is an important thing. There are two ways of using Yahoo answers.
1. Driving traffic to your website
2. Increase Yahoo answers points.


ATI Radeon HD 5970

AMD is back. This is not just an high end but a gigantic end graphics card. The features are really jaw dropping. A complete gaming rig should have this GPU running. The hardware configuration is

512-bit busCore Clock 725 MHzMemory Clock 1000 MhzMemory 1 GB DDR5 (OMG!!!!)6-8 Pin Connection configuration
The notable feature is, it is not very much big and bulky like nVidia 8800 which accommodates a full cabinet. This ATI Radeon 5970 is very slim as it would look like a lower end graphics card.Heating is a problem, as it could not keep itself very cool with it's single fan cooling system. This fan is not sufficient enough to suppress the heating effect, as it is a closed design card. The performance is better than other dual GPU nVidia cards.

Now harden you heart. The cost of this worthy card is Rs.42,000. The price substantiates it's DirectX 11 compatibility ,though they are no DirectX 11 compatible games available now.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

HTC Touch 2 Review

HTC Touch 2, an impressive mobile with a gun metal finish on a plastic design, makes it look more elegant and stylish. For people who worry about WindowsMo 6.5 can feel a bit relieved.The TouchFLO UI argumentation will make you to forget everything. The phone is faster than other HTC mobiles and with easy click and go shortcuts. But again, a windows mobile. The arrangement of GUI compenents are not up to the mark. So you need some time to get accustomed with it.

The tough screen looks very attractive, but it is not responsive to even hard fingers. The keys around the screen also carry a little work. Camera is mediocre and light adjustment is a problem again(Forget night shootings).

There are loads of applications like facebook, Youtube and other media sharing applications. An inbuilt GPS might pull some eyes.

The price in India is around Rs.24,500 (Breath taking....)

Infected with Harish Syndrome