November 7, 2010

CyanogenMod - Installation with Google Apps

Finally i installed CyanogenMod in my HTC Wildfire. The one thing that was putting me away from CyanogenMod is the lack of HTC Sense. But finally, i convinced myself to get rid of HTC Sense. Now , i can see the HTC only when the phone boots. After that, there is not trace of HTC in my mobile. Cyanogen completely overrides HTC applications and features.

Quick Installation Guide

Am not going to give a step by step instructions. Assuming you have installed a custom ROM before.

  • Store the ROM file(.Zip. Don't do smart work of Extracting it :p) in your SD Card (Sorry! cant give link..Google It!)
  • Reboot in recovery mode.
  • Wipe and Reset Factory Settings (Important , else your Installation will be BUGGY!!!!)
  • Take a nandroid back up(I never do it :p)
  • Install From Zip
  • Reboot the System.
  • Done!!!

Many sources in the Internet say, after the first time installation , booting takes around 5 - 8 minutes. Thats really a false statement. Whether its first time or you are restarting it the 100th time, it takes around 5 mins to boot. So , avoid restarting the phone.

A clean installation of CyanogenMod will have no Google Apps (Including Android market). To install GApps, download the Google Apps Package(Again , pls Google It!)

  • Move the Zip file to the Memory Card (Don't Unzip)
  • Reboot in recovery mode
  • Wipe and Reset Factory Settings (Important!!)
  • Install from Zip
  • Reboot
  • Well Done!

Now your phone is 100% Android. If possible, paste a Android Sticker in your Phone....:p

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