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Windows 7 - Suffocating out of Drivers

Finally Nvidia has come out with their set of Drivers that support Windows 7. Thanks for that. but here comes an another Issue.

Have a look at this Image.

This is nothing but my motherboard scolded me for running its application in a version of windows that it does not support.

Video Driver is not a problem, as we already have nVidia drivers for it.
Audio, if at all i have 5.1 surround sound, my realtek audio driver is sitting well with other inbuilt drivers.

So what could be the problem. Ofcourse this is not a problem for many users. Its the Co-Processor.

Co-processor driver comes with motherboard DVD. But it has been designed to work till windows vista x64. What about windows seven. Should i run my AMD x4 940 Quad 3.0Ghz processor without Co-Processor drivers until i get a driver from ASUS.

As a final try , i relied on Nvidia to search Drivers, but

Hurry Up!! Manufacturers...Windows Seven is on the way.