January 1, 2010

Create Watermark with Photoshop

Watermarking is a way of making any content , propertied. Mostly images are watermarked with the company name , website name etc. There is a special way of watermarking an image. There is no point of making a watermark in the corner of an image. It can cropped with just a image editing tool. The watermark must exactly slide into the main part of the image. At the same time, watermarks should not block or make the image appear bad. This can be achieved by the transparency factor.

With Adobe(TM) photoshop, you can achieve it like a piece of cake.


Text watermarking:

Open Adobe Photoshop
Open the image to be watermarked.
Click the text icon in the Toolbar to select the Text Editing tool.
Now click on the image at a desired place. The cursor will blink prompting you to edit text.Type some text.
Adjust the font face , size and other factors if required.
Now the text might be hiding the image.

Right click the Text Layer in the Layer Pane (Right Corner) and select Blending Options.
In the menu that appears, slide the Opacity slider towards left so that your text becomes transparent.
If you are satisfied with the opacity level, click OK to apply the effect.

Export the image are PNG to retain the transparent background if any.

Image Watermarking:
  • Open the image to be watermarked.
  • Open the watermark image (to be applied as a watermark).
  • Press the restore button in the top right corner, So that you can see both the images in tiled windows.
  • Click on the watermark image and drag it to the other image(in which you want to apply the watermark).Now your watermark should be above the other image in a new layer.
  • Now apply the same procedure what you followed for text watermarking.

Now your copyrighted image is ready

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Nokia N900

I would call this as my dream mobile. I liked this atonce i saw it. Tremendous design. Nokia N900 has been releases in August 2010. An expensive , worth buying mobile. Before going in to the specifications, the appearance itself it provoking.High quality frame which is not fingerprint prone. Extra widescreen display and controls with tactile full qwerty keyboard. The way the mobile has been designed is really excellent. Its is not just a smartphone but a kind of mobile computer. But again, it is much expensive , costs around 650 USD.

Coming to the specifications. N900 is blessed with plenty of features apart from features of a normal phone. The Clarity of objects on the screen is excellent. Nokia N900 runs in Maemo version 5 Linux environment. So Nokia promises, that it wont be the same sluggish symbian mobile.Some features which caught my eyes.

  • 800 × 480 pixel resolution
  • Integrated GPS with A-GPS
  • TI OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 support
  • Adobe Flash™ 9.4 support
  • 5 megapixel camera (2584 × 1938 pixels)
  • TV out (PAL/NTSC) with Nokia Video Connectivity Cable (CA-75U, included in box) or WLAN/UPnP
  • Wide aspect ratio 16:9 (WVGA)

Nothing in the world is perfect. There are some disadvantages in this phone too ,including missing features. This might sound bad but the truth is that, Nokia N900 has no MMS facility. Despite, people do not prefer MMS nowadays, still it is a must come feature of a multimedia phone. The audio clarity is pretty decent but it wont deserve the rating EXCELLENT.

Overall - An expensive phone with extensive feature.

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December 31, 2009

Yahoo Answers bypass Internet Explorer multiple session mode

This is a typical feature of Internet explorer 8 to have multiple sessions. If you have multiple accounts in a same sites, like gmail., you cannot log in to all the accounts at once in browsers like Firefox.When you sign in to one of your accounts, even if you open same website in new window, you will be signed in automatically. But in Internet explorer, there is an option called New Session You can see the option under File -> New-> New Session. When you use that option , you can open multiple sessions i.e You can open gmail in multiple windows and you can sign in to them separately such that none of the sessions talk to each other.This is really helpful for people who could not manage their work in a single session.This works for almost all websites.

But now i tried Yahoo answers. I opened IE8 and signed in to my yahoo account.Then i opened a new session, shocking!!!!. I was signed in already. I tried many times but failed. I logged out in one window which in turn made me to lose my login sessions in all my windows.Whats special with Yahoo answers?

This multiple sessions work in most websites , general email, social bookmarks, forums, online societies but not with yahoo answers.


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Unlock the fourth core in AMD Phenom Tricore processor

There are two questions related to this topic.

1. Does AMD tri-core processor has four cores? (If you dont know this?)
2. How to unlock the fourth core , in the AMD Phenom tricore processor?

Answer for first question is Yes.

The tricore processor is actually a four core, commercially called as Quad core processor. The fourth core has been locked. Various sources say, the lock is due to pricing issue. But , the real reason is due the instability of the processor. Its design is a quad core processor of dimension .60nm, with optimal clock frequency, But the manufactures encountered a kind of apparent instability on the processor. So instead of wiping out the design, they fixed the issues by just disabling(locking) the fourth core to make it absolutely stable. Pricing issue may be one of the reasons, but the core reason for locking the core is the stability factor.

Answer for second question is below.

Yes you can break the lock to use the four cores together. For that, you just need to play with the BIOS.

Start your system.
Go to chipset configuration
Change Clock Calibration to AUTO
Now your fourth core is enabled.

Before doing this process, prepare your mind that you may lose your system anytime. Because, the manufactures tested and finally arrived to the conclusion that, the processor is unfit to have four cores running. So you are taking a big risk.

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Recover administrator password in Windows

How to recover Windows XP administrator password?

Losing windows password is definitely an irritating thing. You cannot do anything without an administrator password. If the system has two administrators, then this is not a big issue. Limited users have very limited privileges. You cannot install any software or do any critical operation in a Limited account. If the system fails to boot, you might be reaching safe mode.There you definitely need or privileges.

There are two ways to fix the issue. Installing a fresh copy of Windows. This will not delete any of your files and settings. Remember, reinstalling windows will not fix the issue, as it will just re-copy all the system files.

The second way is the one which am going to recommend.

  • Insert Windows XP CD
  • Restart your PC and boot from your CD.
  • Continue normally, till the window reads text similar to "Setup already found a version of XP installed"
  • There will be an option to repair the same version. (Caution : Not this repair mode, where you will get a command dos prompt).
  • Now windows will proceed to repair XP.
  • At one point, you can see "Installing devices" with a progress bar below.
  • Quickly press CTRL + F12. You will be given a command dos prompt.
  • Type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter.
  • This is it. Now you got the controller. Reset the administrator password or just create an another administrator for your system.
  • Close the Control panel and proceed with the installation

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December 27, 2009

Internet Explorer - No Cut Copy Paste for Blogger

This is weird , really weird. I encountered this while i was trying to create an article for this site. The problem is, i was not able to figure out the basic editor options cut,copy and paste operation in the right click context menu. Sometimes , due to human error, the mouse's impression will be in some other area, so right click opens the option for that area. Initially, i thought that , i did that mistake. So , i clicked the blogger editor once again and made a right click. The menu was like this

There is no Copy, Cut and Paste options.Worst case, even the shortcuts did not work.
Spent some time(wasted) on it to figure out and finally located the options in the browser menu bar under Edit option.
What made them to skip those options under right click context menu.


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What happened to swarme.the?

A long time question. What happened to swarmethe.I remember the last time , the site was up. It was around 4 years before. I found the site was pretty innovative and the concept was very new. The site tells about what the world is doing now online. I lost the screen shot of the home page. The home will have a thumbnails in a cloudy fashion, which direct to the respective websites. I dont know about the correctness of the site. I usually dont see google, youtube and other famous sites over there. But still it was interesting to see , vareity of sites working around. Ofcourse, many p*rn sites are listed as they receive the highest traffic in the internet world. They must have used some kind of algorithm, at the same time they must have indexed millions of sites. They were indirectly driving traffic to all website. I did not notice , whether they had an option of recommending a website.

But for more than 3 years, the site's home page says SWARM is going offline for a bit until hosting issues can be resolved. Sorry. Is this a real hosting issue?. A billion dollar question. Now a days everyone around the world has their own website. Some other reasons??. Did they violate world wide web policy, by peeping in to others' privacy. I was trying to view the website for the pass two years, but still it is in the same state. Missing a good site.

Am not giving any link to the website. Sorry :( As am not sure, what actually happened to that website. Even google has purged all the indexed pages of the site.Even if you give the exact link you cant get the webisite from google. I almost lost the hope about the site. If it gets back online, this article will help them to make everyone to understand what they showed before and what they want to show in future!!!

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