July 11, 2009

ImageShack - Anti Sec

Today i just logged in to my blog, and glanced through the homepage. Shocking!! I was forced to see a large image which looks like the one below.

First i was angry about what image shack did to me replacing my image based back links. But on making deep research on the stopper, i got to know that Image Shack is experiencing a threat from these group of people, suspected to be hackers with the Title Anti-Sec.They want to publish themselves to the internet society about their goal and target. Unfortunately, they caught image shack ,one of the biggest image hosting website.

"What they actually do?"

They have hacked image shack and replaced most of the images , with their images(shown above). So if the owner of the image, linked it to his or any website, the original image will be replaced by their image.This is what happened

"What could be the Solution?"

We are in no way can help this. Is image Shack which got in to trouble, where the Anti-Sec group SPAM them. Until the issue is solved we need switch to some other image servers.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

July 10, 2009

Twitter - The Buzziest Network

The Image in the page Speaks more than the words that are coming below.

Just pressed the key sequence "twitter ctrl + enter" in my firefox browser.Astonished to see a community which just gives what doing status is overloaded. This symbolizes that twitter is growing very fast .Most top rated bloggers are using twitter ,says some survey(Dont screw me asking the evidence). The overload or most famous phrase Our rabbit is eating carrot happens to download sites as download is what the main business for a considerable amount of internet users.

This error raises a question.

Is twitter suffering overload which implicitly projects their popularity?

Their server is little unstable?

Because most forum like Digital Point is suffering from database error, where users frequently encounter database error problem.

Twitter - Salud!!

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

July 9, 2009

Paid traffic Good or Bad

Enthusiastic bloggers and new site holders are always looking for a good traffic. Their main target is drive people to their site/blog and have a good support for their ads thereby earning something. Merchandising and popularizing a website is not an easy task. To make your website have a good reputation , you need to give a reputed website a good reputation first. In turn your reputation will be reciprocated.

The sureity of people clicking your website depends upon the publicity of your website. In order to do it ,you need to ignite the fire by manually spreading all you web links over the internet world. Instead of doing that , there is an alternative available which is more popular now. Paid Traffic, what am talking about.

The seed level concept of this is that , Site owners pay a concern certain amount and get a assurance of some number of visits (Say 1000 visits per $5) from unique IPs. This attract people.If they earn traffic its well and good, if not they are out just $5. The Ultimate quick sand is the security of Ads displayed over the wesites.

Advertisement Services like Adsense are based on Click through rate also depends on the amount of time they spend in your website. If the traffic what you buy is using Impression Bots,there is a great posibility of losing Ads due to repeated impression. This in turn a great loss to you as you cannot apply with Same Website/Name again.


Always try to drive Genuine traffic to your Website by publishing genuine contents.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson's Funeral - Turned to be a Celebration!

Yesterday i watched Pop Ruler Michael Jackson's Funeral live in NDTV.

The crowd counted more than few thousands. The Funeral was successful as a whole. But in the interim, i had a doubt whether it is a sad occasion or a function that is being celebrated.

People were mocking and laughing around there. None of the eyes showed a signature of sorrow or sadness. Even i saw some broad smile on their face.

This is nothing. The most bitter thing is that, MJ's relatives welcomed people with a smile.Shocking! I asked within myself,

"Are they Celebrating M's death?"

This is much disgusting. People like me in india who Love MJ ,suffered without a way to attend the MJ's Funeral, but the so called fans who got a chance to witness the Sad end of MJ were found to be lethargic.

Where the world is going.?

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

July 7, 2009

Watch Michael Jackson's Funeral Live

The Long awaited pop emperor Michael Jackson's Funeral is finally happens today.

Fans of the great Singer, Dancer gather wishing MJ's soul rest in peace.

As planned, people who bear the tickets are only allowed to attend the funeral. Till now there is not chaos among or excitement (Sad Excitement!! I Mean among the people.

By today MJ is over but, the responsibility issue of his kids is still under question.

You can watch the Live Telecast of MJ's Funeral in NDTV Channel.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

Digital Point Forum Unable to Sign In

This is the most common problem everyone faces in Digital Point forum.

People who use Digital point Forum , when they try to sign in, the System accepts the input,and it show a window containing the message

Thank you for Logging In.

Then the page redirects.But you will again see the Same page.You are still not logged in.

This is a bitter database error in the forum. Where your login input is not caught by the database for verification.

Keep some time interval before you can make the next attempt.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

July 6, 2009

Firefox supports American English Alone

Recently i witness this in firefox(Sorry if it is too late).

I use to participate in forum and social communities. Since am an Indian, i spell the words in UK English Hierarchy.


Programme, Colour, Labour.

I dont look at spelling mistake (red underlines),as i need not ensure correctness in general chats in communities.

But recently i saw a question somewhere in a forum asking

What is the difference between US and UK English.

I just answered the questions with Examples
Programme, Colour , Labour etc.

All these words are underlined as Spelling Mistakes

UK English Gone!!!

Tail Cut : Even when i was typing this post, those words were underlined

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

Tricky C Program

Header files

int main()

int *a,*b;



return 0;

What is the Answer?


Selecting a Good Perfume


, a mandatory cosmetic for every men and women. Especially for people who live in hot areas with drastic climatic conditions.

Perfume what we use should neither be hitting the nose nor felt only by yourself. Applying too much perfume might cause head ache to people who inhale(Even Nausea in Worst case).

Perfumes are two types.

1.Exclusive for Men/Women

Universal perfumes are general perfumes that are made with fragrance liked(or disliked) by all genders.Any one can have it.

Perfume Exclusive for Men/Women are what the name says. The Perfumes are made especially for men/women to attract the Opposite gender.Most of the perfumes are even provoking. The main reason for this is , the ingredients that are added give a Special aroma that are nose pulling for the counter parts. Ofcourse there are some chemical, scientifical , psychological reasons and explanations behind that we need not know now.

The interesting fact about this partial perfumes are , they dont smell much or even dont even smell for the person who applies it.
Even i heard from my aunt advising me to spray my perfume a little as it is smell very strong to her. As a matter of fact, i hardly smell anything.


Perfume is completely different from Deodorants which are predominantly strong to suppress body odour.

When it comes to Deodorants, the Same case have different meaning.

Deodorant for men are Very Strong as Men Sweat much.

Deodorant for Women are mild and mostly flower fragrance.

These categories of deodorants are mainly to measure the Degree of Falvour added but no to attract the oppsite gender like Perfumes do.

So be sure to select a right perfume and spray it like how it must be not like a Pesticide.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

Federer wins 15th Grand Slam Title

Federer says "He is on always" not through words but actions.

The Final between Swiz and the American was a big time match. Filled with tension and curiosity.

The Billion dollar question

Who is going to clinch the title? The Rocket Serve Roddick or the Grass Emperor Federer? The question is answered yesterday. The Emperor retains the throne again.

The Dramatic match was going pretty decent but no big shots or breath taking rallies were witnessed.
Good number of Aces from both the Players entertained the crowd well, but Roddick proved himself a tough Missile to Counter.

The Scorecard

Federer 5 7 7 3 16 Roddick 7 6 6 6 14

As this is not a normal federer match which ends in Straight Sets are restricted to two, the match went a little sluggish in the middle with
double faults, unreturned serves and huge rallies with no big hits.

The Score also tells something about the match.

Roddick was always strong and dominant at his side. But federer was Dominant+0.1.

Even after losing 2 consecutive and close sets , the fourth set was really a big gate opened for Roddick.

The final set sums up all. 16-14 an 30 point Set which includes a 21 shot Rally (Oh! my God).

The 21 shot rally is one of the Highlights of the match(Damn! i missed it).

Federer turned the final set towards him to claim his 15th Grand Slam Title.

Federer did not disapoint Pete Sampras , as he had his presence through out his match.

Pete Sampras in turn did not disappoint the audience by Praising Federer.

July 5, 2009

Difference Between Cloudy Vision and Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision:

If the Sharpness of the Image goes of, its blurred Vision. The image appears like its is not Clear and details wont be clear enough to analyze what is what. In the worst case, the Shape of the Image goes blurred, even a Cow appear as an ATM Machine

Cloudy Vision:

Cloudy vision means
Consider a glass of water , add a drop of Milk in it.
Then see how it looks.
That is how you would see the world. The whole thing is clear but you would see a Mild Screen.

Nero Setup Critical Error - Solution

The Most irritating problem in Nero.

Once when you install Nero, and you try to uninstall, the uninstallation process fails.

The Nero Program files neither exist in your System so that you may Remove it in Add/Remove Programs, nor they are out of the System.

So you cannot install a new version of Nero.

Dont Worry.

There is a Solution.

1. Download Nero Clean Up Tool

2. Run the Exe file.

3. In the window appears, it will ask you the path, select the exact path of the Installation
By Default the path will be "C:\ProgramFiles\Nero"

4. On Clicking OK, the program searches for the components of nero installed and will give you a list.

5. Select the applications you want to clean or select Clean all to wipe out complete.

6. Press Clean and Pres Ok in the Successive Warning Windows.

7. On Completion , the program will ask you to restart the System, do it and you are Done.

Michael Jackson's Funeral

Funeral Date: 7th July 2009.

Scheduled Time : 10:00 Hrs

Venue: Staples Center

Tickets are Sole free for everyone.

To get tickets , people have to register at Staple Center.

The deadline for making out the registration is till 18:00 hrs 6th July 2009 Saturday.

Tickets are free of Cost.

The real program that is going to take place is not yet decided. Keep your Fingers Crossed.

Totally 17,500 tickets are reserved for the funeral. 11,000 tickets gives elibility to view the Funeral Lively.
Rest of the people will be moved to watch the funeral in Big Screen , in the Nokia Center Nearer.

No Tickets , No Funeral. Cops will patrol with Castor Oil in their eyes.

Should not say enjoy!

Praise and bless his Soul RIP.