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Decrease Latency in Counter Strike

Big question that pulls all the gamers away from Online gaming , especially counter strike is.

"How can i decrease my latency.?"

The Simple answer is "Practically You cannot".

There are two types of connections.
1. Dial Up
2. Cable.

Dial Up- Forget Online Gaming.

Coming to Cable connection.The famous myths..

Myth 1:

"Higher the Speed lower the latency"

As a matter of fact, speed has nothing to do with latencies. I was using 2 MBPS connection and downgraded to 256 kbps connection. the Latencies did not change.

Myth 2:

"Downloading something in the background while playing will affect the latency"

I always play counter strike while downloading something in the background.I never found even a small difference in my latency.


1. Distance is a first factor that affect the latency. Higher the distance , higher the latency.So always select a server from your country or adjacent countries.

2. Routing is the second factor. This depends on the ISP. The routing in…

Counter Strike Servers

Cant find a good server for Counter Strike and other games.

Getting head shots like a plum , due to a big lag.

Put a fill stop to all your worries.

Visit the Website below and find the server which suits your location and internet connection.The Site contains a highly interactive filter to select your favorite server. You can select.

The Game.
The Location
The Distance.
The Constraint(Anti-cheat, password...)

Select the one you feel that would be good for you and start playing.If you are steam users, directly click the link , to open the game through steam.

If you dont have steam, copy the IP andfollow these Steps.