September 1, 2009

Nokia 5220 Profile Bug

This is not new. I already found some bugs in Nokia 5220 and posted it in my Blog. Unfortunately , i found a new bug today.

Took my mobile, gone to profile menu. There i had two custom profiles. One of them i named it as Mad Hair Silence. The other was defaulted to My Style 2.

Just had a thought to customize it.Opened the profile. Instead of Selecting, personalize i selected Timed. I should have come back at once. The result , the phone got restarted. i thought it was a one time problem, so i tried again. OOPPS!!! It is a bug.

Hail Nokia 5220 :(

August 30, 2009

Firefox important shortcuts

Dont drag the mouse all the time when browsing.Delegate some work to your keyboard to make your work more easy. Some handy shortcuts to remember.

1. Ctrl + Enter = Adds .com extension

(Example: Type google and press Ctrl + Enter, URL becomes

2. Shift + Enter = Adds .net extension

(Example: Type google and press Shift + Enter, URL becomes

3. Ctrl +Shift + Enter = Adds .org extension

(Example: Type google and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter, URL becomes

4. Ctrl +T - Opens new Tab

5. Ctrl + N - Opens new Window

6. Ctrl + D - Bookmark the current page.

7. Ctrl +W - Closes Current Tab

8. Ctrl + Tab - Cycle Tabs

9. Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Cycle Tabs in Reverse Order.

10. Ctrl + S = Save Webpage.

Enjoy!! Mouse free browsing