August 16, 2009

Remove dark spots in the face

Dark spots are face spoilers. Even being very protective, sometime it goes out of our hands. Dark spots in dark skin is not a big concern. But if you look fair and you have dark spots, that is really a beauty screen.

Stop worrying. Here come the remedy.

Take some Potato(Raw)Grind it well and extract the juice.Add a little amount of lemon juice in it to make it a paste like thing.

Now apply it like a face pack and wash after it dries. Apply it regularly and see your dark spots vanish in no time.

Increase hair growth

Hair growth , a big head ache now a days. Hair once lost is lost for ever.So no point of worrying about it. Prevention is better than cure. Preserving the existing hair might help minimizing hair loss in the future.

Many people are allergic to Shampoos and many find shampoos wont suit them. Natural method is always better than Artificial products sold in the market.

Make your own shampoo Now.

Dry Amla and grind it well to make it a powder.Blend the powder with Lemon Juice in a proper proportion to make it a paste. Apply it in hair and wash it after half ans hour. This could help cleaning you scalp and also gives you a good aroma.

How to tackle Snipers in Counter Strike

This is the deadly question of every gamer who plays counter strike.

It even irritates when we lose our allies one by one to a single sniper. A well positioned sniper is not an easy task to counter. That too in CTs. CTs have no reason to rush, so they shall sit comfortably with their AWP. Even i remember a counter server where CTs had 8 snipers , they almost sealed all the entry points of Ts.

Now coming to the point.

As i said, Sniper in a very good position is really dangerous, as he never moves.So finding him itself is a difficult task.

Artic Avenger in Aztec - Almost invisible.

First and foremost thing is, Never run in a straight line, if you know that there is a possibility of Sniper.Always run in Zig-Zag manner. Also never hug a wall(thin wall to be precise). Sniper bullets can penetrate two walls.

There are two different Sniper action.

Sniper always camp in the following areas

Many snipers have good location in their Spawn.

de_dust2 , the double doors is common to both Ts and CTs. The best thing is to avoid the way. More than one snipers, confuse them with your Zig Zag movement.

Focusing the Doors:

Snipers also focus the Doors. For professional snipers, a small hole is sufficient to take down the enemies behind. So never peep outside a door, blindly. Use Smokes and make your movement hidden.Throwing too many smokes and irritate the sniper as his vision is completely covered. Use this chance and get close to him and he is yours now.

Caution: All snipers will definitely have Night Hawk(Deagle). So it is as powerful as your Rifle.So be careful!!.


Snipers usually come to combat, when all others die or the bomb has been planted.Dont think you can take down snipers in close combats, many experts have very good aim without Scope also. So always be cautious.

When you are in combat with a Sniper, even though you dont get a good aim, keep moving while shooting and approaching, If the sniper missed his shot, CROUCH and Hit him as much as Possible (Even lethal head shot can be made). Dont take too much time crouching, you must be as quick as possible, if he recovers, keep shooting but dont stand still.

Jumping is a biggest mistake.
Never jump when you are countering a sniper. It will make him even more easier to predict your path.When you land , your movement speed is decrease, so it is even more easy for snipers to hit you.

Even if you have 100 health, you hit the sniper with 99 damage. 1 health is enough for the sniper to kill you. So never stand still.Keep moving and change your distance every now and then.

Counter Strike Servers with Low Latency


Atlast i found some counter strike fast indian servers to play. Being having a BSNL connection , was struggling to play counter strike online as my Latency always reaches 300 - 500, so i die after my killer passes me (Lolz). Now the black is white. After a frantic search , bringing you the remedy.

List of Servers:

Server name : Syndrome
Server IP :Dynamic
Connect using the Web Address
Latency : 40-70

Server name : Rookies Only Go Pro
Server IP :
Latency : 80 -110

Server name : Hackers Point
Server IP :
Latency : 65 - 83

Server name : [CTs] vs [T]
Server IP :
Latency : 58 - 77

Server name : Matrix Cyber Zone
Server IP :
Latency : 58 - 77

Server name : Matrix Cyber Zone
Server IP :
Latency : 58 - 77

Enjoy!!! Stop gaming Start Living...lolzzz

Dominos in Red?

Today i visited Dominos website to look at some fresh stuff to pass my weekend. Shocking!!! the Website is down. The reason is even more shocking.

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded Limit

Dominos are unable to pay their webhosting services or there is some problem with their.I always go for Dominos pizza not for the quality but for the versatility.They deliver the pizzas where ever i want with no silly questions like Pizza hut do.

But this is really a bad news for me.

- Dominos , Hungry Kya!!