July 18, 2009

Counter Strike A Mini Guide.

I like to throw some light for the beginners.
Lets see step by step.


There are two strategies in Moving.


Run fastly to the target area without looking anywhere.This will be helpful when you have a cheap sub-machine gun.Since Sub-machine guns are not accurate at long distances, there is no point of camping to kill a distance enemy. If you can get your enemy closer it is well and good. If not you have to rush.

Caution: Always do this at once the match starts, before your enemies position(camp) themselves. If you try to do it in the later part of the match, your enemies will position themselves. Even a single well positioned hiding enemy can take all of you, if you dont notice him.


Walking slowing (Holding CTRL Key), looking through each and every object. With this method, you will conceal your foot steps, so you wont alert your enemy.

Also when you walk , your crosshair gets even smaller, so your aiming goes smoother.

Caution: Dont ever try this when you find your enemy is rushing. It would be difficult to take down all your enemies.

Gun Selection and Firing:

This is the most important thing. Try to master any of the Guns. You must get tamed in two weapons.



Pistols are the most accurate weapons. There are mainly 3 pistols i would like to recommend.

1. USP - CTs Defaulty Pistol

2. Night Hawk / Desert Eagle.

3. Five Sevven.

USP - Is really a dangerous pistol. You can see expert bots are very much invincible with their pistols than rifles. The Clip Size is pretty decent.

Night Hawk / Desert Eagle - The Most lethal weapon. Even you can counter snipers if you master this weapon. The main disadvantage is this the Clip Size, just 7. So you must be very much accurate in close combat , else your enemy can even knife you.

Five Seven - I dont think many people buy this. But i found this very much useful both in close combat and distance attack. Clip Size of 20 and Good firing rate.

Getting accustomed with a Pistol is a must.As if you run out of ammunition in your primary weapon, pistol will help you.

Pistol Firing:

Whenever you use a pistol. Make sure you dont waste any bullet. Even if you hit your opponent only once make sure that the bullet touches either his head or chest. One Bullet in Chest is much better than 12 bullets in legs. Aiming the chest is quite easy as that is the broader part. Raise your aim to head. Headshot are always lethal. A perfectly made headshot will kill your enemy at once.

Rifle(Non-sniper) are heavy damage weapons.I recommend some for

Counter Terrorists:

The highlight of this weapon is it, recoils less and it works in two modes.

1. Automatic Mode- Holding the trigger will fire continuously. Works good in close combat.

2. Burst Fire - Holding the trigger will fire 3 bullets at a time. And short pause, again 3 bullet sequence. This works good in distant combat, as this recoils very much less so your aim never goes wide.

Caution:Be alert and switch the modes accordingly. Burst fire in close combat is very risky unless you are too accurate to aim the head.

M4A1 (Maverick)The Icon Weapon of CTs. 99% of players use this weapon as it is a bit cheap and lethal. This weapon recoils very less and single bullet head shots are very easy if you aim well. It also comes with a Silencer(Right click to toggle Silencer), which gives additional smoothness. Try making a single bullet head shot with Silenced M4A1. Awesome effect.You hardly hear any firing sound but your enemy is dead.

Caution: Reloading M4A1 is a big head ache.It takes a hell lot of time.So plan your reloads.

Riffle Firing:

Rifles mostly recoil much when compared to Sub-Machine guns.So always follow three bullet sequences.Hold the trigger until 3-5 bullets are fired. Give a very brief pause, then continue the set. This will give time for the weapon to recoil and get back to its position. In case of M4A1, adding silencer will give you more accuracy as it hides the flame. But it increases the recoil rate a bit(not much). So choose wisely.


When coming to close combat. These rifles can take down multiple enemies when you spray them. If the enemies are closer enough. Start from the corner and keep holding the trigger and fire like spraying. Especially with clarion . If you do this well , you can take down up to 3 close enemies. Beware Spraying never works for enemies at 1 KM distance.


Ak 47 - Another fatal weapon. Mostly praised for its Lethal First Shot. The long distance accuracy is excellent. Every bullet that touches the enemy, drains a drop of blood.

Caution : Never do continuous fire with Ak47. Due to the high recoil rate only the first few bullets reach the target, rest of them sprays and never hit the spot. Ak 47 is not good for spray. So dont spray the gun in close combat.

Firing with Ak47:

Ak47 is the best weapon if you use it well , and the worst weapon, if you dont know how to use it. Ak47 has a very high recoil rate. Only first 3 - 4 bullets hit some what close to the target, the other bullet spreads somewhere. So , never and ever fire the Ak47 continously. Aim the first bullet in the stomach, the third bullet hits the head. Until you are comfortable with the recoil rate, practice this. If you feel that you can handle Ak47, reduce the 3 bullet sequence to 1 Bullet sequence.

Fire One bullet, pause, again fire another bullet, pause, continue. Improve your skill by just decreasing the pause duration. And again, always aim the head. Single Headshot is very much lethal.

Commando : This is similar to bull pup for terrorists, With 1x Zoom.

Firing with Commando:
This is an easy beesy gun. Just place the cross anywhere in the enemy's body and fire,. He is dead. No precise aiming is required.

Sniper - This i would call as Pros' Guns.You must really work much to work with sniper. Magnum Sniper, the fatal zooming gun. Single bullet anywhere in the enemy's body will delete him.

Using Sniper:

Sniper is not a continuous firing weapon. So never ever rush and involve in close combat or tussle.Whenever you equip sniper, go and find a good position. Make sure that , walls surrounding you in three side, and you aim is on the fourth side. Whenever aiming with sniper do not keep you sides open.Find a corner and sit comfortably.

Be patient, dont be in a hurry to kill the enemies. Never approach the enemy with a sniper.Let the enemy come to you.

Firing with a Sniper is little tricky. You have to click the trigger and move.Not the other way, fire while moving, it never hits the enemy. Sniper is a single shot weapon, it never spreads or attacks horizontal. Determined one shot, hits where you aim, so dont run while hitting. Manage your weapon well.

After you fire the bullet with scope on, switch to knife(press 3) and back to sniper again. It skips the 2X Zoom, you are quick enough to fire the next bullet.

This is it for now. Let me try to add some more if i find something useful. In this guide i have not recommended Sub-machine Guns, as i dont find them much useful. Playing withe a Sub-Machine gun will not improve you skill . Avoid playing with a Sub Machine Guns.

Counter Strike - No.1 Online game

Counter Strike(CS):

Seriously , this could be an ultimate entertainment. Even i use to play CS the whole day. CS is an international game.This is not just a game, but beyond.Official tournaments are being kept and you can see some of them in televison , where players die hard to play and win the game.Here are some descriptions about what i know in Counter Strike.

1. CounterStrike - Condition Zero

2. CounterStrike - 1.6 (No Special Name)

3. CounterStrike - Source.

Condition zero is the first version of the Series. With very minimal graphics and decent weapon models. The Environment, objects around map are fairly modeled.Funny thing in this version is , when u shoot your enemy, blood sprinkles in pieces not drops. This is not a most played version, but still a good one to start with for the beginners.The main disadvantage is that, you need a separate software to search for the available serves.

If you know the IP Address , then you can join directly using connect command in the console.

Counter Strike 1.6 is the most played version. You dont need a special software to play this online. You are provided with an option called "Find Servers" which will provide you the list of servers that are open for players. The list will also give you additional information about the type of server.

1. A shield Icon describes the Server as Anti-Cheat protected.

2. A Lock icon describes the Server as password protected. You need to enter a password to join the server. Mostly dedicated closed servers will use it.

This version is contains a lot of bugs.

1. Silent C4 Planting - C4 wont beep after planting, so it would be difficult to find the C4 location.

2. Silent Defuse -The sound while initiating the bomb defuse wont come.

3. Invisible C4 Planting - C4 is planted inside a Box, so it becomes invisble.

4. Grenade bugs - Grenade thrown at one point, gets blasted in some other location.

This is banned in some cLans and Servers.Still worth playing.The difficulty in aiming and shooting is very much less when compared to Condition Zero. So gamers who are intermidiate in Condition Zero will be Experts in Cs 1.6.

Counter Strike Source is the latest version of the Series. The graphics is really good and the soldier models are awesome. The weapons are given more reality. The lens in the sniper shows a miniature image of things in front , when you are not aiming unike the other version where you see a blue color lens. The interesting thing which caught my eye is the Flash Bang. When you are hit by a flash bang, you visible goes blank for a while, while you recover you will see what you saw before you are hit by flash bang and slowly you recover with a blurred vision. But this is not played much.

Again , the game play is made even more easy. Experts in other versions can be called as Pro-s in this version. Headshots are like a peice of cake in this version.

There is another version of Counter Strike, which rather can be called as Mod. Counter Strike Anthology. This version is released mainly to remove the Counter Strike 1.6 bugs. CS Anthology is nothing but a combination of Condition Zero and CS 1.6 with some additional features.

1. The Weapons are the same as in Condition Zero

2. The Map, environments and interactive objects are same as in CS 1.6

3. The Soldier will have a new looks, which are not identical to any of the CS Versions.

The Main advantage of this version is, both CS 1.6 and Cs Anthology versions can be run in the Same server i.e If you create the Server in CS 1.6, you can join the server with CS Anthology. The one who uses Anthology will see the Models , Weapons of their version design.Interesting is it not.

July 16, 2009

Microsoft store next to Apple Store

Where is Microsoft Retail Shop?

Answer for this question would be "Next to Apple Store."

Microsoft is not only close to apple in their products , but all in the outlets.Two leading Operating System manufacturers, next to next. Now the full stress is on the consumers.

Safari or IE.
Mac or Windows.

This not like two provision stores running adjacent to each other, customers buy products in the shop, nearest to their home.

Just now apple has overcome its Palm PRE headache by restricting iTunes support for Non-Apple Devices.This sudden action from Microsoft is going to affect either of them. Microsoft Store! or Apple Store!

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

Apples Bans iTunes for Palm PRE

Apple finally did it.

Already i had small thought, that apple would ban the iTunes support for its Competitor. Now it has come true(Clairvoyance!!!!). The latest update of iTunes 8.2.1 has positive bugs(new word huh!!). These bugs dont affect the performance of Apple Products, instead they reject non apple products, that includes its rival Palm PRE. There were many devices available which will work like iPod. Now they are no more. Their iTunes feature has be snatched. No more faking softwares. No more Burma Bazaar items which look like iPod.

Apple is planning to completely wash out the compatibility of other fruits, i mean non-apple products. And this could be the first step.

My Question is.!
After isolating apple products in software section, will they move for hardware?. Such that, only apple accessories can be used for their iPod and iPhone.!!

July 14, 2009

Multiple Clipboard in Windows

Sometimes you need to copy more than one item as you need to go deep in to multiple windows.I found this simple way.
You need Microsoft Office to do this trip.

1. Open MS Word

2. Open Multiple Clipboard window.

3. Copy what ever you want, it will be collected in MS-Word.

4. Now click the item you can to paste. It will be pasted in the Document. You can use it where ever u want.

Main advantage of this method is.It dont follow copy paste sequence.

Normal : Copy -> Paste, Copy -> Paste
This Method : Copy, Copy, Copy, Paste Paste ,Paste


This methods wont work for files and objects other than text and images. If you try you will get a error message like the one shown below.

July 12, 2009

Atom Biller

Looks like a calculator is it not. No, Looks like a Biller.

No Controversy , this is both a calculator and biller. Antithetic is it not. Even i thought like this. Bought my brute perfume in a local shop with a pair of belt buckles. Finishing my shoping quota, inquired the shop keeper about the bill amount. He just glanced through the items that i purchased. Quickly typed something in the Machine and presented me with a Slip.

I did not see the bill at once as i was in a bit surprised to see a mini biller. Then just had a deep look at the slip what the guy gave me. BUhhaaaaa!!


This is what printed in the paper slip.
Oh! My God!. What a gadget. A Calculator which can print what it displays on it 7 segment display.

Sparsh - A New Helper System.

Stunning.A Sudden gradation in an indian government building. This System was named as SPARSH. I just witnessed this in Kalpakkam Post Office India.It appeared as Greek and Latin at first.With a little hesitation i just went close to the machine. Fantastic, i should tell. A Computer with Dual Input.

1. Touch Screen
2. Keyboard and track ball.

Wait Wait. Still i dont know what exactly inside the Machine. Just looked like an ATM.Patiently awaited to see some one using.Because , tress pasers and authorized users of things in a government building will be treated badly.

Thanks god!. A well built man entered the post office and accessed the system as such with no attestation from post master. Now i got the License , i felt. Walked straight away to the system.Disturbed the track ball to see the standy screen. Got authenticated with a guest account.

Entered windows to a see a GUI with quite a pleasing colors. With Basic information about the post office, services offered, products and miscellaneous notices.The Software is also enhanced with a PIN CODE Search provision. As usual search my hometown and the system hit success.

I tried clicking/touching all the menus spread around the screen, Alas!! everything else was still under construction. Got back with a little disappointment. But still it is a nice idea

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

Browsing Centre - Decline of the Empire

Browsing centres, place where people use internet by paying the host a nominal charge. This is quite a decent idea for consumers. This is quite befitting for part time users, as they use only when it is needed. Just spend Rs.15 to Spend an hour online. Even , the internet zones were in peak where users wait outside to get a vacant system.

Now time has changed. ISPs are very lenient in their plans, adapting suitably concentrating all categories of users. Also , the setup is quite instantaneous. This attracted people towards hiring a personal internet connection, some even go for leased line.This decreased the crowd that move to browsing centre to access , as they have their own internet connection running in their home PCs.

What about people dont have PC. Fatal attack. Even ISPs like BSNL started providing PCs for those who hire their connection.

Above picture is taken in a browsing centre , at peak time. 90% systems are vacant.

This picture , where the shop proprietor closing his shop out of business.
Are these ISPs affecting the browsing centre business like what DTH does to Cable TV Operators.