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Tips to Optimize bandwidth while Blogging

Bloggers are plenty in the world of Internet.

Either Earning or Driven by Passion.

Not everyone have a unlimited internet connection. Most people have their bandwith limited to certain amount, exceeding that will make them pay extra.

So , usage must be optimized. These are the things that i observed while doing it.

Elevators: (Not Steps!!)

1. Making a new post in the Ultimate thing in a Blog. If you are about to make a post, dont just click the Create post link and start typing in the Editor that comes with the Blogger.

When you keep on typing, at a regular interval, the contents is saved. This eats considerably a small bandwidth but still, you need to remember Small drops make Ocean

Solution : Open a Simple notepad, and type the thing what you want. Check for errors and correctness. And just paste it over the Editor and Save it.

2. Enthusiastic bloggers, use to see how their blog looks after each and every post. They just want to Check whether , their post appear correctly or not. This agai…

Send Email From Mobile without GPRS

Email - The word always makes you to think about another term Internet. Now add one more word to think, Mobile.

Got to send an Email but

A - Your have a mobile which does not support GPRS
B - Your Service provider dont have a GPRS Support, dont worry

For Combinations
A and B
A or B
Only A but not B
Only B but not A

You have the solution right now.

Just log in to Email to SMS and sign up with yout Mobile.

Follow the procedure they tell you.


Now you Can Use your Mobile as your Inbox.

Features: (Quoted from Website)

Works with any ISP or Mailing solution(eg.MS Exchange, Lotus Notes or any Linux based solutions). Works on all existing mobile phones No GPRS required No special software required Instant New Email Notification Receive Complete Email Global Functionality (Receiving SMS is free everywhere) Activation and setup takes less than 5 minutes Emails are stored in an encrypted format on our server.

Keywords: (Quoted from Website)

Yahoo Answers - No More Clickable Links For Level 1

No Spamming.

No Linking.

No more Clickable Links.

All these constraints for Level 1 Users of Yahoo Answers.

If you are in Level 1. You cannot post link which are click and go. All links are converted to plain text.

So if you are in Level 1. Move to level 2 at once to post direct links.

Easiest Way is to get more Best Answers.

If you feel its quite tedious, tag up with your friend. Let him ask a question for you and mark your answer as best one.

Yahoo Answers and Page Rank

The Biggest Question causing deep impression on Google Search text box is

"Posting URL in Yahoo help increases Page Rank?"

The Answer will be a NO (I mean a big No).

Posting your blog, website links will not yield you back links. They are categorized under the tag.
"Pages Containing your site link".

This is in no way considered even as a No Follow Link.

This might increase you page traffic and increases number of users who visit your site.

The Still your page rank will not increase.

Page rank will be calculated based on the Number of Back Links that your site gets(except no follow)

Yahoo answers provides no followbacklinks. So how many times you write your blog address in yahoo answers, it just increase direct page traffic.


Yahoo Answers increases traffic but does nothing with page rank.

Yahoo Answers Upgradation - No Clickable Links

Yahoo answers, one of the most visited sites and contains almost all queries, has recently made a big change. (Alas!!!!)

Few weeks before, when you post in yahoo answers and paste a Web URL with http:// tag, it will appear in the final view as a Clickable link.

Right now No clickable links are entertained

What ever URL you post , it will be converted to plain text.

First i thought that yahoo answers has blocked all Sub domains and Blogs. As i use to post my links over there.

But later even Google is not appeared to be working.

This must some kind of Upgradation.

So please wait patiently until the thing gets over.

Nokia 5220 Bugs

Nokia 5220, one of the cheapest S40 Mobile belongs to XpressMusic(TM) family is prone to hell lot of Bugs.

Being a proud owner of this Mobile , i encountered these crazy bugs, but still am not fed up. Am
loving it!

1. Occasionally ,when you try to apply 3rd party theme, you get an error message Theme Corrupted. Which gets fixed by itself for god sake dont know how.

2. While playing music through headset, try pulling out the headset, while the music is on. The Screen slowly turns white and the mobiles restart..

3. To type V, u need to press the Key 8 thrice. This works perfectly in text messages. But when you do the same in search, if you press Key 8 thrice , it will type T U V.

This bug i found in Software version 4.83.

To rectify it, try to make the Second press with a bit longer duration(not too much , as it ends up in numbers)

4. Most recent bug i found is this one. Software version 5.63. While playing music through headset, when you receive a text message, you wont hear the normal SMS ton…

Reveal hidden Webpages in Websites

The big drawback of Websites is its GUI.

What you see is what you get.

If you find three Links today and you see only two links the next day, you simply cross the fingers and withdraw.

There are two possibilities.

1. The Link and the Target has been removed as it might have gone Outdated or irrelevant like Michael Jackson Updates (Sorry Sorry :D)

2. The Link has been reserved or protected from public eyes due to heavy traffic but the target is still there.

Case 1:

You can do nothing. Do what you did before. Try crossing your finger on the other way.

Case 2:

Look at the Address bar.

For Example:


Click the Login Link

You would see a Login Page

Now look at the Page address

This could be clue.

The Other option for an ideal home page would be Register/Signup.

So try editing the previous link as

Any of the Link must direct t…

Godfather II - The game and the Movie

Godfather II , one of the most awaited game , is released in the last quarter.

The Game is really good and a must play game for All Gamers.

The PC Game Godfather II has some relation with the Real Movie Godfather II.


The Characters in the game almost animated exactly like how they are in the Movie.

Michael Corleone (Al Pacino ) Must have been made a bit closer.

Other Characters like
Hyman Roth, Fredo Corlenone, Franklin Pentangeli are almost look alike.

Dominique who takes the Position of Don in the Game is found nowhere in the Movie.

None of the Female Characters are depicted.You could see some servant maids around.


1. Very first Scene of the Game Godfather II is Hyman Roth's birthday at Cuba. Where Firecracker is placed in the Cake and a easy from Roth containing the phrase
"We need real partnership with ther Government"

The Same Scene comes in the movie some where in the Middle of the Movie.

2. The Court Scene , where Michael Corleone is accused. Franklin Pentan…

Microsoft Office 2010 - Better than previous versions

Microsoft really have a good time this season.

Already Microsoft Windows Se7en has proved to be the most stable version of Windows (Remember it is not released yet), now Microsoft got it time.

The first notable thing is that , its new Stunning GUI. The Splash Screen not the old static Image Showing Microsoft Word , Excel etc. Instead you will see a colorful image with a Windy Animation. Certainly to divert the attention of users to forget the wait time of loading MS Word.

Get in to MS Word for instance.

Whole Menu appearances have almost changed. Especially the print window is really eye catching.

Currently the Beta version is running with some small bugs. Sometimes even cuts the neck at critical times.

Again One more Surprise from Microsoft.

But one Question.

"Can we upgrade Office 2007 to Office 2010 like we do for Windows XP to Windows Se7en".

(I think this is too much)

Send Post Card throug iPhone - Pic Card

Pic Card is a new Application which allows you send image to the desired destination through iPhone.

"Whats new! Like Feeds, Email blah blah" - Is this your question?


The Applications is not going to Upload to its server and Mail it to the Address.

It gets the Image either you can Snap it from your iPhone So Called Camera or From you device. Add the Image to the Application along with destination Address.

On Completing the process, the Picture along with Address is printed (HARD COPY) and your picture will be mailed to the address Physically.

Ofcourse this is not a Social Service. You shall pay them through Pay Pal.
The Cost Estimate is $1 for Postal and $1.50 for Service.

Very Cheap is it not!!

What about PicCard Application , it wont come along with your iPhone but you can buy it here

Buy PicCard

Firefox 3.5 Download

Finally Firefox 3.5 is available for Download.

The Delay of its release has been patched successfully.

The release of Firefox 3.5 has been delayed due to Some lat minute errors. Which also gave a Chance to Safari to take a bit of its place. But Safari failed to do so.

Now Firefox is Back. But still FF is not in the Safe hands. It still faces some tough competition from Google Chrome, which leads all browser tests.

Mozilla , Fire in Now!!

Download Firefox 3.5

Adobe Shut Down

Adobe employees are enjoying Holiday trip till July 3rd.

Dont ask me the Question, Whether it is a Paid Holiday. The Answer could be

Who is an exception from this recession. Even the Great Lehman Brothers are forced to lather their dictionary to see the word Recession .

Adobe (pronounced as A - Dow - Bay) this time.They even denied many offers from north America.

"The Subscriber Cannot be reached" this Customary statement of Unavailability in telephones has been replace by Adobe's message stating "Adobe will remain close till July 3rd".

Once Adobe in a peak, bought Flash Changing Macromedia Flash to Adobe Flash.

"We are not Immune to Recession" - Says Adobe Superior. Hope they get back to them selves.

OOPS!! Sorry for making you to search the word "Cost Cutting".