November 20, 2009

Prototype - A Clumsy Game

The most clumsiest game i ever played. There are no rules to follow. You have no obstacles. This is the game where you can find the real meaning of the FREE ROME.

If you want to reach the mission place which is quite far from you. Keep a weight on the Keys FORWARD and SPRINT, you will reach the place. There is no need for mouse. The game is full of bloods, tissues and nauseating infected people. I recommend this game to be played in low graphics to minimize the effect of violence.

One thing attracted me is the variety of powers that Alex Mercer gains. Especially the whip and street sweeper combination. Whenever you find your EP Low, just get in to an infected area and use this Street sweeper to clear out nearby enemies.

The Blade is the most powerful weapon. I drained most of Elizabeth Greene's health with fewer number of Chops with blade.

The Knuckle shockwave happens to be my favorite. And its is fatal as you can wipe out Strike team at ease. Just get in to an infected zone,consume some infected people, get to critical mass and use this power. Wah!!!!

Biggest humbug in the game

As per the story , Alex Mercer is dead. But when you go out of health in game and pass away, the screen will say ALEX IS DEAD. Could have been as ALEX HAS BEEN DEFEATED.

November 15, 2009

Rhinoplasty - Give your nose a new Look

Rhinoplasty Information:

Face is the Index of Mind - Old Saying,

Nose is the Index of Face - New Saying.

Nose is not just a projection, but it is the mirror of one's complexion. If you feel that you have a very bad nose, do not worry , Rhinoplasty is there to help you.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical way of fixing nose related problems. Rhinoplasty can also be called as Nose Reshaping or Nose Job.Rhinoplasty is must for people who suffer from trauma and birth defects. Rhinoplasty not only cures the outer shape of the nose but also fixes critical breathing problems. There are many other surgeries which can be cascaded with Rhinoplasty in order to enhance the results of the Same.

Rhinoplasty is not a pretty major Surgical procedure. It has been performed under local anesthetic but the process may be altered if the doctor finds an alternative which could benefit the patient and protect him from Side effects and post operation agonies..This is again in turn a kind of plastic surgery. The patient's own skin or piece of bone will be used if needed.

Leading Surgeons now encourage and actively practicing the Rhinoplasty Surgical Procedure to treat their patients effectively. This has been approved world wide and the outcome records both success and satisfaction of the patients.

People who have any kind of problem must find a surgeon who recommends Rhinoplasty. Everyone should importance of Rhinoplasty and encourage other to know about this handy cure.