June 26, 2009

Palm Needs to Defeats Other Smart Phones

Palm PRE needs to defeats other Smartphones - Says CEO.

Palm PRE is not leading the SP race - added, the CEO.

Palm starts its day with WebOs , an OS with an Attractive GUI and Accessibilities. Ofcourse with some flaws as discussed earlier.

Every new comer will be compared with a one which is already running successfully. As usual, Palm PRE is compared with iPhone.

But Palm denies the fact as, Palm is not an iPhone Killer and has its own way. Among other PDAs/ Smart Mobiles like HTC, T-Mobile Palm also has a brighter scope.

As usual am ending this up with a question.

Is iPhone 3G out of the Contest?

MIchael Jackson's death - Big Blow on Internet

The Pop Ruler (Not Popper Btw) Michael Jackson. Who was been worshiped as dancing god is no more.

The Album thriller is still in my eyes. The Librarian Girl, Bad, Alas!

This is a great loss to all dancers for whom MJ is/was an Inspiration till date. Even leading dancers and choreographers miss him badly.

Ok Let me come to the point.

It is a great loss for all Dancers thats right. But how come it affected internet. Here comes the Answer.

There are practically infinite number of websites and blogs running about Michael Jackson. In which most of them are mainly to earn by publishing update about Michael Jackson.

This could be the end of all such works. The main theme of their target is gone. The Update Section is going to empty. All the recent posts in the websites and blogs going to become Archives.

They cant change their address or domain name as they might lose their rank.

MJ - Your Loss is really a great Loss

Call of Duty - Easy Download for Mac

Now you need not visit a shop to buy your favorite war game Call of Duty. Just you can download it from internet.

Notable feature is that CoD was available for Intel based Mac also.
Once it was available to PPC Based Macs alone.

What is PPC? PowerPC - IBM Based Computers What is PowerPC? Performance Optimized with Enhanced Risk

Aspyr Media released Call of Duty deluxe edition at a cost of $30.

To download the game you need, their download agent which is a online download service.(Like india games).

The thing is you are not buying the game rather the download agent. So the actual cost is
30$ + bandwidth + Current Bill + Hard disk Space + Time.

Phew! DVD is better is it not.

Download Call of Duty