June 13, 2009

Windows Se7en - Six Varieties

Windows Se7en finally comes multiple varieties serving different types of Customers.

1. Windows Se7en Starter - Suitable for Laptop and Older PCs

2. Windows Se7en Basic - Very elementary features serves very simple applications.

3. Windows Se7en Home Premium - Suitable for Home based Applications.

4. Windows Se7en Professional - Similar to Home Premium with some additional features.

5. Windows Se7en Enterprise - Supports corporation activities with BitLocker Encryption etc.

6. Windows Se7en Ultimate - Superset of all version of Windows. Contains Everything.

Safari Download Record - Just a Hype!


The news, Safari has been downloaded most number of times within 3 days of its release.

This turns to be a false news. Not literally but Safari has not been independently downloaded like one happened in case of firefox, but most of them are found to be updates which are also a forced(made users to download with a CRITICAL UPDATE flag).

What happened Apple.!!

The reason behind such a Claim is still unrecognizable. Despite the fact that Safari is a good browser, there is no big reason to create such a Hype.

iPhone 3G S - A Review

iPhone 3G S the most awaited phone is finally released.

Lets have a look at its salient feature.

1. Comparatively faster than iPhone 3G, equipped with fast processor.

2. Comes this time with more memory. 16GB and 32GB versions.

3. Addition of Voice Recognition.

4. Built in Compass

5. Integrated Modem.

6. Accessibility features like one in Windows for disabilities.

7. Nike real time Walking/Running Statistics System and iPod integration.

8. Microphone with Control Panel.

9. 3 MP Camera with Auto Focus and No Flash Again.

10. Video Recording.

June 12, 2009

Microsoft Readies - Free Anti-Malware

Microsoft finally came out of its border of Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.

The new free Anti-Malware application whose code name is Morro will be available to public as a beta version.

As usual, Microsoft claims that , this applications is not going a dedicated anti-virus program but just different from other programs that people use.

Morro Supports Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista and Windows Se7en.

Windows Live one care is going to give way to Morro

The Main thing that concerns Microsoft is that whether people believe their Application

(Universal fact, No PC users trust Windows Firewall and go for third party software)

But still there is Question on the Air.

Does Morro is a free application or has a free version

Wait and See -The only answer we would get at this point of time.

So, Lets wait and see whether
Microsoft Morro - A Competitor for Other leading Anti-Virus Programs

Will Safari Break Firefox Record?

Safari 4b was made available to download from February but the final complete version has been released this week.

To their surprise, thy witness Safari has been downloaded most number of times.

Apple, on Friday announced that Safari has been downloaded more than One Crore times in 3 days of its release. In which around 50% of it contributes Windows Version of it.

This could release some pressure on Apple as they are already facing some trouble on iPhone and Snow Leopard.

Bill Gates Eats Apple

Snow Leopard has been released for this season..

System Requirements:
You system must be a New One.

Forget about Snow Leopard if you have a 4 years old PC running. Mac cant entertain rusty Desktops.

Snow Leopard does not supports Old PCs. This sentence makes no big trouble to Apple.

Microsoft Windows Se7en does supports Older PCs, even the one built in 2001 - This Sentence makes a big mess.

The Word Upgrading to new Mac OsX becomes Conditional. Installing windows se7en is just a piece of Cake.

Apple authorities earlier said that , Snow leopard is going to concentrate on performance, but they failed to reveal the fact that "Running Snow Leopard needs a PC with good performance".

Microsoft proves themselves better this season.

June 10, 2009

Play Age of Empires Online

Peel Skin Note : Setup Hamachi either creating or joining a Server.

Creating a Server:

Creating a Server is simple, just Create a network and Start a Game.

Joining a Server:

1. Open AOE

2. Select Multiplayer

3. Click Internet

4. Enter the IP of the host machine (Hamachi IP)

5. On entering , the game is searched and if a game is running on the specified Server, it will be shown with the player's name.
Roharme' game

6. Double click to join the game.

Smartphones - Battle Royal

Really a big competition this season for Smart phones.

Stunning arrivals puts people under great confusion.

Two Kinds of Consumers:

1. People who always stick with their traditional gadgets.

2. People who tend to change on every new arrival.

Manufacturers need not worry about the first group of customers , as they can always retain them.

The biggest threat is the second kind of customers.

Their loss might greatly affect the balance in a Company's reach.

Recently Nokia 5800 greatly affected iPhone but that did not last longer.

Now the Grace for Smartmobiles have increased. As people opt for the one which could manage all their duties.

Now Mobiles Applications started flooding the internet, making a smartphone to do almost all works that a PC can do.

A typical Smartphone should be able to support.

The most famous iPhone found to be not supporting many applications, which surely goes negative.

Durability is also a factor. A mobile must be durable enough to enjoy it instead of worrying.

This time, Desktop Manufacturers like Intel also likely to enter the Mobile Arena. They might really make a good deal and a reliable product. Competition is keeps on increasing.

So , making a Typical Smartphone is really a big deal, even if a good mobile is made, merchandising is even more.

This Summer going to offer a great range of smartphone. And its the time for we people to Choose.

I have Chosen Already!

June 9, 2009

iPhone - A Review

Know What can an iPhone do (Cant do actually)
1. Camera Cannot record video clips

2. No Flash Support in web browser.

3. No Youtube Support.

4. No Instant Messaging services like Yahoo Go!

5. No Stereo in Bluetooth Headset

6. No third party Application Support

7. No Compatible Games, even from iTunes Store

8. No Custom mp3 Ringtones facility.

9. No Voice Recognition - (Shocking!!)

10. Multi-Screen On Screen Keyboard. Need switch screen to type puntucations.

11. No MMS Support - (Oh My God!!)

12. Not a regular GSM. Operator Dependent.

13. No Direct Music Download - Needs PC Sync.

14. No Integrated Modem.

15. No Real time GPS Maps.

16. No self replaceable battery - Need to dispatch to Apple.

17. No External Memory - Fixed built In.

18. No Cut, Copy, Paste Option.

19. Last but not least, You Cannot walk out from a shop with a working iPhone. You need to come home and unlock it.

Counter Strike - Online Gaming Setup

(Peel Skin Note : You must allow CS to connect to Internet and other networks in Hamachi - Firewall Settings)

Play Counter Strike in Intranet.

Creating a Server:

1. Open Command Dos Prompt

Pres "Windows key + R" to open Run.
Type cmd

2. Type ipconfig and press Enter.

3. Note the IP Address
This will be your Counter Strike Server address.

4. Open Counter Strike.

5. Create a Server.

Joining a Server:

1. Open Counter Strike.

2. Select Find Servers

3. Select LAN tab.

4. The Server should appear in the window

5. Double click to join the server.

Note: Some times the server may not appear in the window. in such case.

1. Open Counter Strike

2. Press tilda key (Key just above TAB key)

3. You will get a console window.

4. Type connect followed by Server IP

Example :

where, is your server IP address

5. This should connect you to the server.

Playing counter over Internet:

Joining a Server:

1. Open Counter Strike

2. Select Find Servers.

3. Click he Internet tab.

4. You will see the list of servers that are available.

5. Double click any of the servers to Join

Creating a Server:

Follow the Same Steps as Given for LAN, if the players who are using same ISP.

You and other players have IP address 59.x.x.x

If not.

1. Install and Setup Hamachi and Create a Network for your Server.

2. Make all the users who are going to play in your server to install and setup hamachi.

3. Create a Network and make others join the network in Hamachi

4. Create a Server and now your Hamachi IP is the CS Server IP.

5. Make other players to join in your Hamachi IP.

Hamachi - Setup Guide

Setting Up Hamachi:

1. Download Hamachi.

2 Install it.

3. Select the Free Version of it.(Until you get tamed)

3. Allow firewall to add exception for Hamachi.

4. Run Hamachi.

5. On first run it will show welcome tips. Read it and Close the window.

6. Initially the Hamachi shows ip as

6. Press the Power Button , this would set up a new account in Hamachi Network.

7. After finishing, you get your own IP like 5.x.x.x.

Creating a Network:

1. Press the hamachi button (A Triangular Symbol).

2. Select Create New Network.

3. Give your Network a Name and a password (if needed) in the next window.

4. Press Finish.

Joining a Network:

1. Presss the Hamachi Button (a trigular Symbol).

2. Select Join a network.

3. Enter the network name and password(if any)

4. Done.

Yes - iPhone 3G S

Apple's new iPhone is named as iPhone S. The Most glad thing is that, there wont be any change in the price.

New iPhone 3G S would be available in the market with the price price a iPhone 3G.

New iPhone various discount, offers and free up-gradation for customers based on some eligibility criteria.

This is a well known fact that apple prices have gone down and the original price of iPhone 3G S is still hidden.

As usual iPhone will attract AT&T Customers with some more special offers.

Stil Apple have much more to do.

iPhone already overcame as "So called Apple Crusher" Nokia 5800. iPhone did not do rather, nokia gone back due to the bugs and isues.

Now it is going to be hard time for people to chose between the two giant smartphones iPhone and Palm PRE

June 8, 2009

Gmail - Ambiguous !!

This is quite interesting that i found while using gmail.com to sign in to my disabled account.

Entire Process:

1. The id am going to use is har.harishkumar@gmail (Which got disabled long before)

2. Login in.

3. Got an Error Message "Username Password not matching"

4. Enter forgot password page.

5. Giving the same email ID.

6. Error : No such accounts found

7. From these proves , its confirm that no such accounts in gmail, so the username is available.

8. Now Creating a New Account

9. Select Usersname ; har.harishkumar

10. Error : Username already linked with some account.


Intel tunes the death bell for 3rd party processors

Intel has planned to make two releases.

1. A Basic Atom Processor - Pineview

2. A Desktop Processor - Clarkdale (Here comes the Pain)

Clarkdale comes with Integrated graphics. Nothing to wonder, such a processor was already designed in 90s which was for low end desktops.

Already Intel use their own R-SDRAM (Rambus) which is faster but a bit costlier, they dont worry about the challenge against SDRAM Manufacturers.

The intergrated memory controller secret is also brken in i7 Processor.

Now its really "Intel Inside" every computer

June 7, 2009

Add Multiple Audio tracks to a Video File

1. Open Windows Moviemaker.

2. Add the Movie that you want to Process.

3. Go to the timeline.

4. You would see two separate tracks for audio and video.

5. Delete the audio track and insert a new audio clip.

6. Now export the project.

7. Now the video will have two tracks.

8. Open the exported movie in Windows Media Player classic.

9. Right click on the screen and select the other audio.

Connecting Broadband in Linux - Bridge Mode

Note: Your Modem must be set to bridge mode.

1. Open a Terminal

2. Type sudo pppoeconf.

3. Enter password if prompted.

4. Now it will guide you to interactive setup.

5. At the End of Setup, it will ask you,
"Do you want to start the connection at start up
Give yes if you want.

6. After setup is complete. Start the connection by typing pon dsl-provider in the terminal

7. To terminate the connection type poff

Windows Se7en a real Competitor for Linux

Windows vs Linux is an endles Iron Man Battle.

This season is turning towards Microsoft.

1. Bing Gets a Good reputation.

2. Windows 7 claimed to be better than Linux.

Finally Microsoft done a big job building a high class Operating System Windows Seven (Windows Se7en). The interface in Windows Se7en gives real work to the Input devices (How a GUI Interface has to be).

Linux still have many claims against Windows as it copied its interface like start menu.

Have you ever witnessed above Window anywhere. Exactly. It is traditional Linux method to set an image as Desktop Background and this is a new feature of Windows Se7en.

(Ssshhhhhhh!!!!!! Please dont tell this to any Linux distro)

Bing at No.2 not Yahoo

Bing finally in top gear to overtake Yahoo to become the Second largest search Engine ok "Decision Engine" in Microsoft Point of View

It is notable that , it took around a Week or two for Microsoft to reach this feat. The Corporation is happy that a Search Engine sorry again decision to get a place within 5 years.

Bing is not just an Update of its Old Live,but it carries many additionally featured pieces of critical code, which is Code named Kumo.

Bing captured almost 16.8% Market Share
Yahoo has around 10% market Shares.

Where is Google!!.
Unfortunately we cant find it here. But its faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar leading both the engines with 71% of market Shares.

Google Chrome faster than Firefox and Safari

The recent bench mark test says Google Chrome is Faster than Firefox and Safari.

Now almost all the browsers started to improve their JavaScript processing as Streaming video is the most demanded one by the Customers.

Javascript tests also says Chrome is faster when compared to Firefox and Safari.

But still one question is on the Air.

"Why Chrome initiate separate process for every tab"?

This aint a big issue.

But the Million Dollar Question

Why Internet Explorer is not in the List!!!

Snow Leopard- What can be Expected

This Summer has two new Surprises from Apple.

1. iPhone 3.0

2. Snow Leopard

Enough reviews(Blames) about iPhone.

Lets come to Snow Leopard.

Whats new with it. What difference can be expected from it.

Dont excite.!!

Answer is Nothing,.

Apple Accepted that it has not concentrated on adding feature , but they worked on increasing the performance of the Operating System.

Not many features are disclosed but Apples says two of the features are apparent to the users.

Let wait for it!!

Trillix - A New Flash Decompiler

Stole a flash movie from some website!!

Dont know how to change the appearance so that you call that it is your!!

Stop Worrying.

Now Convert any kind of Flash video to editable one.

Flash Trillix is a Propertied Software that allows you to edit compiled flash video.

The Difference between this and other flash decoders is that , it is integrable with top most browsers like IE and Firefox.

Download Trial

Palm PRE started eating iPhone

One of the ok..the Only thing that is/was notable in iPhone is its iTunes Sync with PC. It was also a great security for iPhone to maintain their standard.

Now Palm PRE also provided PC Sync with iPhone. Palm PRE suports images, music and video to be Syncronized.

The notable fact is that, it is more comfortable to sync media with the Foreigner(Palm PRE ) than doing it with the one belongs to the same family of Apple (iPhone).

Now what can iPhone do.

Remove Palm PRE Support in iTunes. That can be done in ucoming versions , but what about older version iTunes.!!!!!

Patch Tsunami from Microsoft on Various Products

Microsoft floods users with its ten new Updates (Security Patches in Deed).

These patches include Internet Explorer, Ms Word and MS Excel which promises to fix serious issues.

Right now MS Office 2010 is blessed with plenty of Bugs.

Bug recently noted by me.

"MS Word Sometimes Crashes on giving print consecutively twice".

There security updates should patch all the open block holes and errors. All the Updated are going to have flag not even "Recommended" "Critical" in windows update list.

They mainly concentrated in IE 8 and they have to because, IE 8 already facing back off due to firefox and also no newer version of Windows will be bundle with any of the IE versions.

As many people are using IE just because of the fact that IE is bundled with Windows , Microsoft must be able to pull customers to download IE

Smartphones to rule the World in Future

Smartphones have very big demand among the Consumers. People tend to change their choice and taste every now and then.

But Smartphones have attracted many people with brilliant features and Accessibility. More or less smartphone is almost a small handy Computer which almost runs all applications meant for them like a PCs.

Traditional Java based phone are still under good market but many people opt for Smartphones.

Symbian a propertied software which Supported all Nokia Series 60 Mobiles ruled the Smartphone season as PDAs runs Windows had not had a big reach perhaps due to the cost variant and multimedia features.

Now comes a question

Android , a rival of Symbian. As HTC Mobile adopted android OS. But Still , meaning of the word Smartphone will direct you to Symbian Mobile in Mobile Dictionary as it has already covered 58% of total mobile marketting.

As Google's T-Mobile G1 has poor response and considered iPhone(2). Android need to work a bit hard to compete with Symbian.

So, its time to bid Adieu for Nokia S40 Mobiles.

Bye Bye Jar!!

Opera 10b is Out.

One of the best browsers running Successfully despite of Mozilla's popularity , Opera 10 beta is ready to be downloaded.

As firefox has delayed their release of version 3.5 due to last minute errors. This could be a real advantage for Opera.

Opera promised some new features in its new version.

Thumb nail view of All Tabs
40% faster loading of Pages
New Spell Checker Supporting 51 Languages.

Experts' Comments

"Initially, we were just going to clean-up some elements and focus on the interface for new features. But, over time, the new user interface elements became so different that we decided to update everything,"
- Jon Hicks.