June 7, 2009

Patch Tsunami from Microsoft on Various Products

Microsoft floods users with its ten new Updates (Security Patches in Deed).

These patches include Internet Explorer, Ms Word and MS Excel which promises to fix serious issues.

Right now MS Office 2010 is blessed with plenty of Bugs.

Bug recently noted by me.

"MS Word Sometimes Crashes on giving print consecutively twice".

There security updates should patch all the open block holes and errors. All the Updated are going to have flag not even "Recommended" "Critical" in windows update list.

They mainly concentrated in IE 8 and they have to because, IE 8 already facing back off due to firefox and also no newer version of Windows will be bundle with any of the IE versions.

As many people are using IE just because of the fact that IE is bundled with Windows , Microsoft must be able to pull customers to download IE

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