February 22, 2010

Recover bad sectors in hard disk

If you did not scratch your hard disk against the wall, floor , or pinch it with sharp needle or any hard materials, i have a solution to recover the bad sectors in your hard disk. The reason for bad sectors can be cold booting, or abrupt restarting during writting in to the hard disk, which is not avoidable especially in india. Dont worry . The solution is very simple.

Apparatus required:
1. Windows XP Cd
2. Nothing else.

1. Insert Windows XP CD in to your CD ROM
2.Restart your PC and boot from CD ROM
3. Let the Setup load and you will see a menu with three options as
  • (Dont care)
  • Press R to repair windows using recovery console(something like that).
  • Exit
4. Press 'r' to select the second option and see the console.
5. Now type DISKPART and press ENTER(Here after i wont repeat the command "Press Enter")
6. You will see your disk partion information (Yes! Exactly like windows 98).
7. Create a partion of size = size of your hard disk. I Know you need an example now.
If your hard disk is 500 GB (Ok! Ok! 470+ GB), then create a single partion of size 500 GB.
8. After creating, get back to the console.
9. Now run CHKDSK. This will scan your entire hard disk and fix all your bad sectors and make it usable again.
10. Bingo! Your HDD is back again. Now delete the bulk partition and create small partition as your wish.

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