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Nvidia Latest Driver - Buggy?

With a good thought of playing Call of duty in better graphics, i download latest video driver for my graphics card from nvidia official site. Replacing my old driver 191.x to 195.x. Then i questioned myself, did i make a mistake.?

The game which was running at 1280 x 720 resolution with full graphics turned on, started stammering while running in the latest driver. I reduced the graphics effects and resolutions, but no use. Finally i ended up in 640 x 480 resolution with all graphic options turned off. The game was smooth, but running a game at 640 x 480 resolution in a AMD phenom Quad Core processor and nVidia 8800 video card is an insult am making to my computer.

After a great struggle, i rolled back to my older to complete the game.

Nvidia...What happened...Who is wrong..??

Infected with Harish Syndrome

Death to spies - A big disappointment

A big shock in deed. When i saw the credits at an unexpected time which implicitly said "THE GAME IS OVER".

The very first scene is almost same as in the previous version. Even i was confused whether i bought a correct one or not. All the environment and moves are 100% same. The game went a little lazy in the middle mission as i saw similar locations, civilians and soldiers already in the previous version.

The time i thought of stop playing the game , a good mission decorated my screen where i need to plant a dead body to conceal an escape. But it was unbelievable that i can wander around hardly ten buildings in a small street.

In the successive mission, the objective was to kill three people (officers). It was just a piece of cake. When i took over the last officer and exited the area, the GAME WAS OVER.People who played the first version of death to spies will really feel bad when they play it's sequel.

The game is over rated with drastic system requirements.

Death to spies…

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Sorry , i took a couple of hours extra to complete this game due to lack of Time. Overall a five hour game in recruit level. The start was a little sluggish , but the climax was a typical tamizh movie climax, portraying an eternal hero who fights after he has been stabbed.

As usual Call of Duty, modern warfare 2( COD MW2) or so called Call of Duty 6, is lacking the cut scene feature ,which i consider as critical for better understanding of the story. Every mission is really good to play, but it appears very discreet to play the next mission as the story part is conveyed in the loading screen, which almost lasts some seconds in my AMD Phenom quad core processor. So most of the time, without having patience to control the anxiousness, i press escape to get in to the play, knowing very little about what am going to do.

Call of duty modern warfare 1 was a bit clear as the difference between your team and the enemies was apparent. But here in MW2 , most of the time my mission failed with the…