April 4, 2010

Nokia 5130 - iPhone crusher

iPhone, a status symbol. Even though iPhone lags behind all other phones in features, it should be given double credits for its' audio quality. iPhone would deliver a good piece of audio even in mediocre headphones, such that many testers consider iPhone audio curve as a benchmark to compare the audio quality of other phones.

While testing the mobiles, the comparison of iPhone and an another phone, the another phone does not have any audio curve. The testers then realized that, the audio curve of both iPhone and the other phone matched and appeared together. The phone is none other than Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, the successor of Nokia 5220 XpressMusic. This might sound a little different but its true. Nokia delivers top notch audio quality. The audio playback is 24 hours, says Nokia(through headphones).

If you are a music freak, then why go for a 30K mobile, when you can get the same in just 5K.

Nokia finally substantiates their TM - XpressMusic.

Nokia E63 - A quick review

Nokia E Series , is a series of business class mobiles. These mobile have push mail feature (like in blackberry). So you need not fetch your mail from your regular inbox.

Now coming to E63. This season , i had an idea to buy a mobile. Enough with Nokia 5220 XpressMusic(and its bugs :p) , i thought. Just did a research for around 15 days and planned to get rid of it.

Initially, this mobile was promising. Nokia also promoted this mobile on their website (you can see Nokia E 63 @ 9 only/- in their home page) The features are very much impressive.
But on deep research , it has been reveled that, all features have their critical drawback.

Drawbacks :
  • Small Screen. Just twist Nokia 5220 to landscape mode. That is how the screen will look like.
  • Processing speed is decent, but due to the small screen, documents like PDF take time to adjust to the screen.
  • Full Qwerty Keypad, but the number pads are very small and they are in between alpha-num keys.
  • 2 M Pixel camera, but performance is very bad. No protection for Lens adds additional risk.
  • Worst audio quality ever. Even Korean mobiles will have good audio quality. (Really a Shocker)
  • D-Pad is decent but not handy.
  • Camera and other interface and accessibility are pretty old

Behind all this. this mobile is worth buying for two factors.
1. Call Clarity
2. Wonderful batter back up.

If you look for these two, then what else is needed. Nokia follows GodFather through this mobile.

Purely Business......

Infected with Harish Syndrome

BSNL Speed Increase

This is a real treat for all download freaks (also for lunatics like me). Am in BSNL UL 750 plan. The max speed is 256 kbps (32 kBps). Recently am hitting 50+ kBps speed while downloading. As i was using a download accelerator, i thought its quite natural. But , i was wrong. It got reflected in my torrent download as well (while download ubuntu). Made a quick Google about this and surprised to see people already got in to this thing in forums. Many people , who are in UL 900 plan say they get a speed around 200-200 kBps. Positively, these speeds are not oscillating widely. Between 47-53 kBps which is far ahead of 32 kBps.If this is not by mistake, then its going to be a real fun for all internet users and going to be a real challenge for all BSNL users.

Cross your hands not your fingers this time

Infected with Harish Syndrome