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Hamachi in Red?

Hamachi.One of the best online LAN Service.Just connect through Hamachi in India and join a Network in America. Now the two systems are considered to be in LAN. Simplest implementation to share files and also for Playing many Multiplayer games. Hamachi uses Class A Address.

Hamachi Ip Looks like 5.x.x.x.
5 is the Network ID.All computers that are registered to hamachi will have the address Starting with 5.
the rest of the X-s represent host ID.

After a huge break of 8 months , i started using Hamachi again. Register with a new name. When i got my Identity, i was totally astonished.
My IP was Eight months before, my IP was the X-s read numbers which are in two digits.Cant remember fully something like

What actually happens with Hamachi.Is Hamachi Running out of Slots due to large number of Users.Is hamachi reusing the address which are dropped.You can get a new IP at any time. So what happens to your Old IP. It is reused to some one or it is fixed once for all.


Progressive Gaming

Artificial Intelligence is reaching its peak and grows on. One of its leg is on Gaming now. Game Developers are now concentrating on progressive gaming pattern in all upcoming PC Games.

Till now, all the games are predefined. If you have to kill an enemy,you have to. Else , the level restarts or the mission fails.

In the progressive gaming pattern, the story will move according to the way the Game is being played.

For example:
If you are supposed to chase and kill an enemy in a vehicle. If you do it correctly, the game proceeds in one way, so that the he never comes again.There are some other possibilities.

You lost the enemy while you chase him. So he appears again in he later part of the match. A separate story will be created for him.

Like real life, you will have only one chance, if you miss that you will see the consequences in the game. This in turn gives more reality. Two different gamers , playing the same game have different characters and Climax Situations.

There are much to do in …

Get New IP in Hamachi

Every registered user in Hamachi will get an IP which is their identification in the networks they connect.If you uninstall hamachi, the settings will not get pruned. The Next time when you install hamachi in the same system, you will continue with the same IP.

Now if you want to renew your IP in hamachi or Flush the Existing Identity, do the following


1. Open Hamachi.

2. Click the Setting Icon.

3. Select Preferences.

4. Click the System Tab.

5. Press the OpenConfiguration Folder Button.

6. It opens the configuration folder.

7. Close hamachi.

8. Delete all the files in the folder except Client.pri.

9. Now Open hamachi.

10. Your hamachi client will show Create a new account now.

Blogger Aspect ratio problem.

I was questioning myself. Whenever i upload a widescreen image , either small, medium or large, the image is not big.

Usually, all the images i put in my blog will be created by me. So , when i take a screen shot in my 22" monitor, it wont be an image with square pixels.

The Width is very much greater than the height.

So when i upload the image, in my posts, the image shrinks, making the details and texts unreadable.

If i upload an image with a Square pixel , the image retains its resolution.

Look at the article Yahoo Answers and Page Rank in Blog. There is a Widescreen image,in which you cannot read any text, but click it you will see the real size.

What might be the problem.?

Compatibility Issues!!!

Pcworld's new Homepage

Just encountered this recently, to update my technical knowledge. Typed the address , to see this Screen.

At first i was a bit confused, and waited for the page to redirect by itself.But later i saw the Link , continue to god, the site was the original. Only the home page was altered. There is no popuups and irritating ads.I would tell that PCworld forum could be one of the best websites in the Internet world.

Solar Eclipse 2009

The Sky is going to show us something special tomorrow.This has been announced as the longest solar eclipse, which lasts for 6 minutes and 39 Seconds.It could be special for India, as the complete screening of the Sun , called as Totality occurs in the Indian region, and probably a partial view can be recorded in the rest of the world.

Dont get too excited to view the Diamond Ring.There are some precautions.

1. Dont see the Eclipse with the Naked Eye. Due to the heavy brightness and other rays like UV could affect you eyes, which in worst case lead to permanent loss of Vision. Beware, you have many more eclipses to see, this will be not the last one.

2. There are some Shades with Filter that are available. You are safe to view with them.

3. There is another hand made device called Pinhole Projector. Sit tonight and construct it to enjoy the Eclipse.

4. Dont be too much cautious. Closing all the doors, turning off all lights and electrical appliances, and point this reason to bunk your clas…

How to make a Pinhole Projector

Nothing big to do. You are going to see the image with just a Pin Hole.

1. Take a Cup, preferably a dark colored one (Ofcourse Plastic Cup, If you can drill a Steel Cup then its your wish)

2. Put a Small Hole with a Safety Pin(This is the Pinhole) in the bottom of the Cup.(remember small hole, dont make it big .You might get a confused to differentiate the Cup's mouth and the hole).

3. Now take a Wax paper.

4. Cover the Cup's Mouth with that and hold the paper with a Rubber band.

5. No the Pinhole Projector is ready.

6. Now the Pin-Hole side must be facing the Sun.

Get ZoneAlarm 2009 Free Download

Just visit the link show below.

You will be directed to a page.There you will get the required information. Right now the offer has been temporarily suspended.
But do subscribe to their alert, so that they will inform you , when the offer is open.Dont miss it. Zonealarm is one of the best PC Security Suite.

Free ZoneAlarm

AMD Neo Chip Processor.

AMD comes out with it new Neo chip for Netbooks. The Netbooks are extremely thin and are designed for internet purposes. Intel is already running with their Intel ATOM Processor. Now its AMD's turn to support Netbook. Many AMD based Netbooks are about to come. The Salient feature of this processor is , the form factor is very different, as the netbooks or nettops will very very very thin.

This could be a low power processor, so it mostly wont support PC architecture.

The Battle begins.

VLC Player DVD Copying Feature

The Latest Version of VLC Player hit each and every systems now. More that 8.6 million downloads after the release(Even i did). The highly controversial feature that is found in the new vlc player is

You can directly copy a DVD Video.

Now you need not search your favorite tracker to get a DVD Rip. Get a friend who bought the original DVD and just copy it. This is quite different from DVD rip. The DVD rip process is that, the encryption is broken so that you can copy it.

Legally, even being an owner of an original DVD, you are not allowed to transfer the contents to any other media. You are just allowed to put the media and view it.

This is no more now. With your new VLC player, you can copy.

Even though VLC Player has added the feature to increase the accessibility , the meaning always goes wrong.

MPAA!! Are you looking at this.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

Google Chrome OS far behind Windows

Google Chrome OS which is planned to be released by 2010, found to be having a lot of expectations. But based on the announcement , it is a no big competition for Windows. Google Chrome runs on operating system which is designed specialty for Netbook. Netbook is nothing but a laptop which contains just an Atom Processor, suitable only for running web applications.

Chrome OS will work and should work in an always on internet connection. So , you are not away from your files and important documents. Google concentrates on application which can entirely run in a web browser. Since this is the first release for Google, the system requirements are pretty minimal. And Chrome OS will be invulnerable to Viruses.

Based on the announcements made, it is clear that Windows Se7en is far away from Chrome OS as an Operating System running in a PC is very much different from the one running in Net Books.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome