July 23, 2009

Hamachi in Red?

Hamachi.One of the best online LAN Service.Just connect through Hamachi in India and join a Network in America. Now the two systems are considered to be in LAN. Simplest implementation to share files and also for Playing many Multiplayer games. Hamachi uses Class A Address.

Hamachi Ip Looks like 5.x.x.x.
5 is the Network ID.All computers that are registered to hamachi will have the address Starting with 5.
the rest of the X-s represent host ID.

After a huge break of 8 months , i started using Hamachi again. Register with a new name. When i got my Identity, i was totally astonished.
My IP was Eight months before, my IP was the X-s read numbers which are in two digits.Cant remember fully something like

What actually happens with Hamachi.Is Hamachi Running out of Slots due to large number of Users.Is hamachi reusing the address which are dropped.You can get a new IP at any time. So what happens to your Old IP. It is reused to some one or it is fixed once for all.

If the former happens., sure hamachi will open a new network starting with 6.x.x.x.

Hamachi - At Peak?

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