June 14, 2009

Mobiles are not your personal diary

Mobiles , gadgets that are found everywhere.

Starting from Scavengers to Executives, we cannot see a single hand without mobiles. Mobiles have become one of the most necessary things in day to day life.

Current mobile phones no only have phone book but also have provision of store details beyond phone numbers.

These highly sophisticated gadget provokes consumers to store their personal and valuable data which they use everyday. Like ATM Pin Number, Net Banking Password, Account Nos even Computer password.

Also , now a days phone have become very handy and portable. This gives users a very little effort to carry them. But in the worst care, it even makes users very very comfortable that they forget that fact that they are carrying a mobile.

Even we might find many people searching for their mobile in which shirt pocket or in which partition of their bag they kept. All they do is that they give a ring to their own number for some ones'.

This results in Three Cases:

1. If you hear the ring successfully youtr mobile phone is safe.

2. You dont hear the ringtone, but you feel your phone, your phone is safe and its in Vibration Mode

3. You dont hear and feel your phone.

- Gone! Some one is now the proud owner of your phone.

Surveying people who lost their mobile reveals the secret(fact - ok!)

- They dont worry about their phone/price loss.

- They dont worry about the contact they had.

They predominantly worry about the Personal information they have in it. These things when fall in to false hands, they are sure going to be misused , revealed victims' mind.

Even though they can block their sim card at once they lose it, the photos are really dangerous to lose as they can be misused and some innocent people might have stored username and password together mentioning the website name also.

Some people even cnsider losing their phone is like losing thmeselves as the personal informations they have are not retrievable and replacable.

So there are only two ways to go.

1. Use your Mobile Phone just a Phone.

2. Give explicit importance to your mobile and have a separate place for it , so that you must be able to locate your mobile only in two place, one is in your hand/ear the other is the dedicated place.