December 26, 2009

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux distro, an open source product. Along with other competitors like Fedora, Red Hat ,Ubuntu has a special space among Linux users. Ubuntu is more suitable for newbies and developers. Like other Linuxes ,Ubuntu also possess its own feature. Let us have a look at the salient features of Ubuntu

Useful Commands :

  • apt-get - Call Advanced Packaging Tool.
  • clear - Clears terminal screen
  • cat [filename] - Opens the file in terminal
  • cat > [filename] - Createsa file with name mentioned
  • chmod - Change the mode of a file to read, write, execute, extract etc.
  • gedit - Opens gnome editor
  • gksudo [program name] - Open graphic interface of an application with administrator
  • install - Install a package or a component
  • pon - Trigger a dsl-connection
  • poff - Turn of a dsl-connection
  • plog -PPPOE Log file.
  • sudo -To become an administration for that particular transaction / terminal session alone.
  • privileges.
  • synaptic - Open package installer
  • vi - Opens VI editor

Installing a software:

Ubuntu does not support direct executable files. You will either be provided with a compiled object that can be installed as such or the complete source code itself. In case of source code, it must be compiled first to proceed with the installation. There is no fixed way to compile the code. It depends upon the language in which the software has been written.

Fully compiled software will have standard extensions which Ubuntu understands by their extension.Some standard file type are

  • .run - These files types must be executed with shell command as
  • sh .run
  • .deb - Deb is the abbreviated form of Debian packages. These packages can be installed right away by double clicking.It opens itself in package installer.
  • .bin - These are standard binary files. They might be locked sometimes. They must be provided privileges before executing. The privileges can be changed by the command chmod with the switch +x.To install the software, use the command ./[FILENAME].bin (note the dot in the beginning)

There are many other ways of installing a software.

Synaptic Manager:

This is a built-in Ubuntu installer. Ubuntu , keeps track of many useful and popular packages. They are indexed in the synaptic manager. You can install the software using the synaptic manager, if the software is listed in it.

To start synaptic manager, use the command sudo synaptic

Application Package Tool :

APT is one of the typical features of Ubuntu. There are plenty of software and utilities that can directly be installed in your system without having a downloaded soft copy. Just naming the package would suffice. Some famous package that can be installed with APT are

sudo apt-get install
sudo apt-get install xmms
sudo apt-get install vlc
sudo apt-get install mvn
sudo apt-get install ant
sudo apt-get install svn

Almost all applications can be opened using a command line. Command line version of software are faster than graphic interface as they occupy less memory.This could be a handy guide for beginners. But this is just a piece of Ubuntu. There are many things are there to be learnt to play with Ubuntu.

December 25, 2009

Hindu crossword puzzles

Crosswords, are one of the interesting puzzles. They give real work out to human brain. The specialty of crossword puzzles is , anyone can make a puzzle in the domain where he/she is strong in. Puzzle makers adopt their own architecture. For example, crossword puzzles in tamizh are very much simple, as they will always have direct questions. Similarly, crosswords puzzles which are put in Hindu Young world magazine are easier to solve with the help of a single dictionary. Likewise, they are no specific rules to device the puzzle grid.The only restriction is, all questions should adopt a protocol in common.

Crossword Grid:

The layout of Crossword is simple. It is just a square frame containing internal squares.The squares are represented in two colors.
1. White - called as Light
2. Black - called as Dark.

Answers or the solutions must be filled in the Lights. All crossword puzzles provide at least two ways to complete the grid.

1. Filling the answers from Left to right. The clues will be sorted under ACROSS category.
2. Filling the answers from Top to Bottom. The Clues will be sorted under DOWN category.

There are some other kinds of puzzle where the clues follow two more directions Right to Left and Bottom to Top. Those puzzles look a bit tricky as the words need to be written in the reverse direction.

The Standard format of a Crossword Puzzle Clue will be.

{Clue Number} {Clue - Description} (Dimension)

The Clue numbers are mentioned in the crossword grid and the answers will be the solution of the corresponding Clue. The dimension is equally important., because sometimes, the solution might point to two words.In such cases, the dimension will be mentioned as (dimension1, dimension2). Some solutions can be predicted , if the related boxes are filled correctly. This is mostly applicable to words which are smaller in length , as a simple permutation or combination will do the trick.

Hindu Crossword puzzles:

Like every crossword puzzle, Hindu Crossword puzzles follow an unique way. These puzzles are not for beginners and even a mighty English dictionary cannot help solving the clues. The puzzle has to be broken into pieces. Once you get accustomed with it, then it is just a piece of cake.

General format:
[Synonym/Similar Word of the Answer] [Clue to find the Answer]
Every clue will have a hint to find the answer and there will be a synonym of the answer itself

Find the Broken Heart in the World(5)
Here the clue is "broken heart" and World is synonym of the answer.
The answer for this puzzles is EARTH. You will come to know , how to solve this in the later section.


It is mandatory to know the terminologies used. not just the name, but also its' descriptions.

Anagram Indicator - Anagram is a deformation of a word to get a new word. There wont be any direct clues like Anagram of . Instead, there are some words which will indicate that one or more words need to be jumbled to get the solution.

Heart is the Anagram of Earth. The Clue will be

Broken Heart(5)

Here the word broken is an Anagram indicator.Broken thing will have a different shape. So broken heart will get a new shape "EARTH"

The other way can be
Earthquake (5)
Here the word quake is an Anagram Indicator. Shaking the earth will change it shape and makes it HEART

Telescopic Indicator -
In some clues, the solution will be a part of the question itself. The answer will be folded or embedded in the question itself.

Hear them inside to find the broken heart(5)
Here the clue is "hear them" and the word inside is the telescopic indicator. So the solution is in the question itself. The puzzle can be cracked as

HEAR THem inside to find the broken heart. The answer is Earth which is broken HEART.

Homophone Indicator - This indicator, indicates that the actual solution sounds similar to the answer of the clue.

These are some basic indicators. There are many more indicators which are extension of these indicator.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

Joomla - A Short Overview

Joomla ,a component management system. Web design has been made easy with these Component Management Systems abbreviated as CMS. The challenging part in web designing is not just the user interface , but other back end dealings like communication with the server, interaction with the data source and many more. Manual coding accomplished such tasks in olden days. Things become monotonous and complicated, when the user count started increasing. The technology desperately needed an automation. Many architectures, languages brought the automation in their ways. One of them is this Component Management Systems(CMS).

One such famous CMS is Joomla. Joomla is an open source platform or can be called as a software. It can be downloaded from Joomla Homepage. Joomla follows a simple installation process which requires a little domain knowledge.It offers a fully customized control panel with multiple user support. Joomla carries a database named "Joomla" . So the back end has been occupied well to handle all your needs. This database is not a mandatory one. This can be replaced by custom database with corresponding configuration.

Almost all web hosting services now have fantastico installer. Joomla can be injected in the web server through the fantastico installer. The installer will guide you through out the setup process.

Joomla website does not lack in any feature that other website has. The main advantage of Joomla is , it is an open source . Also, third party plugins are plenty in deed to satisfy all your requirement. Joomla currently supports 1000s of plugins.Not only plugins, but there are some online merchants who sell professional joomla web templates which can directly be used to deploy a business website.

The threatening drawback of Joomla is, it is not immune to hackers. The plugins are the entry point for hackers. Most hackers develop attractive plugins and release them as free components. People who use those plugins in their website, welcome hackers without their knowledge. Joomla experts are reporting harmful plugins frequently. Having a tie up the joomla community will update you about the recent vulnerabilities. Many faulty plugins are being reported every week and they have been replaced by trusted ones.

Developing a simple website with Joomla:

Before launching a website in the online server, its better to try making a kick start. This guide helps you make a simple website in your local machine.

Get WAMP server. WAMP is nothing but Windows Apacha MySql PhP Server. You can get WAMP from their website.

Install WAMP.

  • Get the latest version of Joomla, from Joomla website
  • Unpack Joomla (if it is compressed) and put it in the WWW folder of WAMP.
  • (To open the WWW folder of WAMP, run WAMP and Left click the system tray icon and Click "www directory"
  • Rename the Joomla directory to your website Name (Here i use the name Syndrome)
  • Open a web browser and go to the address http://localhost/Syndrome/installation/index.php
  • Select a language and proceed.
  • Skim through the pre-installation check and click Next.
  • Accept the License Agreement and click Next.
  • Database configuration : use these configuration.

Database Type mysql
Hostname localhost
Username root
Pssword no password
Database Name joomla

  • FTP Settings : select No. Assuming that we dont have FTP for now.
  • Main configuration :Enter your site name,email Address,Administrator password (Note : This is your password for logging in to the control panel. Keep it safe) and click Next
  • Setup is almost over.
  • Delete the installation folder from the www directory to complete the setup.
  • After completing, you can enter the site as a admin by visiting the address http://localhost:8080/Syndrome/administrator
  • Login with username : admin and password :
  • Add articles and play around with the menus to bring colorful website online.

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December 24, 2009

Maintaining a Hard Disk

Hard disk , usually called as Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The name is quite a controversy. Hard disk is not a hard component. A single shake in the reading head or a single drop of water is enough to make your hard disk to break down. Being a magnetic material, it has got many enemies around to spoil its health. 80% of hard disks fail due to improper power supply, especially in India where none of the houses have proper earthing. If your computer is receiving a bad power supply, then first thing that has a highest chance to get affected is your hard disk.So perform this check, before you connect your hard disk.
  • Connect your CPU without Hard disk.
  • Turn it on
  • Take a tester and touch each and every spot in the cabinet.
  • The tester light should never turn on.If the tester light glows, there is some problem with the power supply.

Remember ,cabinet has nothing to do with you computer. You can make a computer run in a flat table. The cabinet just holds all your components in position.Connect the hard disk , only if you have cleared all your connection problems.

Frequently reported problems:

1. Disk boot failed - You cannot expect your system to tolerated every time you cold boot it. Some motherboards still struggle to detect the hard disk and other peripherals after a cool boot or an abrupt shutdown. So always try to shut down the computer properly.

2. Disk read error - This is really a critical problem in deed. Read errors are common if you encounter them after you the operating system is loaded successfully.But , if your computer cannot boot, then there must be some kind of problem in the boot sector itself. Sometimes , this situation can be handled by just connecting the device to an alien system and scanning it inside the operating system. If you believe in third party software, you can try this recovering your hard disk with them.History says, loosely connected or corrupted bus can also be a cause for this problem.

3. Disk not detected: The common problem, when either the motherboard switches a new hard disk or the hard disk switches to a new motherboard . Again i can divide it into two types.
Simple and Critical.

  • The problem is simple, if you are connecting the device the very first time.The remedy is, open BIOS settings, and under standard setting, manually change the Primary and Secondary device. Your device should be listed under one of them. Save your settings and reboot.If you have an older motherboard say GIGABYTE ss-61, it wont support hard disks of higher capacity. So you need to do this process every time you start your system (not reboot).

  • The problem is critical, when the head breaks down. This can happen due to rough handling. Rough handling does not point to physical damage alone. You can spoil the device even by overloading it. Turning off your PC while installing some critical software. Cold booting the PC due to lack of patience when the system hangs.

These are some major problem reported very frequently.


  • Scan your hard disk twice a month. It may fix some unrecognizable errors.
  • Keep at least 20% of free space in each partition.
  • Create optimal number of partitions.
  • Protect your hard disk from moisture and shock.
  • Keep you hard disk well placed inside the cabinet and ensure that the screws are fastened.
  • Have a airy cabinet. Now a days the size of graphics cards are a bit large. So it might run across the length of the cabinet. So the hard disk wires might touch the graphics card which in turn causes unnecessary heat.


  • Never carry the disk in your shirt or pant pocket, where it is vulnerable to dusts.
  • Do not keep on creating partitions from C to Z.
  • Never leave the hard disk unscrewed, inside a cabinet. Disturbance might cause the hard disk to fall.
  • Do not touch or punch the hard disk with strong materials like screw driver. Not only HDD but also the motherboard. It may cause some severe damage ,may be unrecoverable sometimes.

This is it for now. More on the way on the Course of my life

Infected with Harish Syndrome

Total Video Convertor - Buggy?

The same fingers once praised Total video converter for it's versatility and functionality. But this time , the fingers are going to type something bad about it.

I downloaded some good videos from my friend's computer. Wished to export them to my mobile, my hands stretched towards total video converter. A pretty simple task of converting a MPEG format file in to a 3GP file, ate an hour of my time. The reason is application crash. Whenever i clicked "Convert", the application threw me different types of error.

I can never blame my system as it is brand new with fresh copy of windows running. Then it should be in their side. This is a common problem with all software makers. As they elevate to higher versions and add more functionality, they end up with unpleasant bugs which hides the real features what they intended to present.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

December 20, 2009

Windows Live Bug - Very Funny

I never used my windows live id for communication, as i feel comfortable with my gmail Id. After a long time, i was forced to use my windows live id, for accessing msdn forums. I tried signing up with my usual name harishsyndrome. I got an error, stating "Id Already Exists". Am sure no one uses the nick name harishsyndrome.So i tried recovering the password for I clicked recover password. The screen was as shown below

Windows Live asks me to select an email id to which it would send the reset instruction.
They are
2. Alternate email - I provided.

The first option was shocking but funny at the same time. They are sending the password reset instructions to the email, for which i lost the password. How i can i open the email Id.

Infected with Harish Syndrome