December 24, 2009

Total Video Convertor - Buggy?

The same fingers once praised Total video converter for it's versatility and functionality. But this time , the fingers are going to type something bad about it.

I downloaded some good videos from my friend's computer. Wished to export them to my mobile, my hands stretched towards total video converter. A pretty simple task of converting a MPEG format file in to a 3GP file, ate an hour of my time. The reason is application crash. Whenever i clicked "Convert", the application threw me different types of error.

I can never blame my system as it is brand new with fresh copy of windows running. Then it should be in their side. This is a common problem with all software makers. As they elevate to higher versions and add more functionality, they end up with unpleasant bugs which hides the real features what they intended to present.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

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