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How to get rid of phishing sites

Some one is trying to play with me. Am not the one whom they are looking for. Recently i received a mail with a name PAYPAL.
The mail is apparent that , this is some kind of fraud. No special knowledge is required to identify a phishing site. Just look around the mail for suspicious information. Some critical clues
The Contents of the mail is as Follows

1. In Sender address - the domain name is other than paypal(i.e it is not
2. The mail is found in SPAM folder
3. The Mail greets me as Dear PP member. But the fact, Paypal greets every member with their Name.
4. The Web Link. This is quite tricky. It almost looks like paypal official website. But if you can look a bit deeper, you can see some other names are also appended.

Many people might not notice everything and blindly click the link and provide their secret information and lose themselves. Mostly busy people are trapped as they fail to notice due to lack of time.

I put forward my own experience here in this article. I…