January 31, 2010

Confirmation email from 000Webs

Free Website Hosting

The common problem over the internet. You register for free web hosting at 000webs. And you wait for the confirmation email from them to start with your website. But you did not see any response for months and even years in my case. The ultimate reason is, 000webs silently rejects applications from countries like India and other country. The support person says, they face big problem from users from such countries. They do not want to hurt the customers and at the same time, they do not want to get in to trouble. So at the time of registration, they track your IP and locate you country. By the end of registration, you will get a message "Pending Approval".Actually that is a false message from 000webs. There is such workflow called "Approval" in 000webs. You can log in to your account right away after you complete the registration.

Now the bottle neck is your country. The only way to override your country is , using a proxy. Try some online proxy, preferably US and proceed with the registration. You will find your way to Control Panel at once.

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