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Hindu crossword puzzles

Crosswords, are one of the interesting puzzles. They give real work out to human brain. The specialty of crossword puzzles is , anyone can make a puzzle in the domain where he/she is strong in. Puzzle makers adopt their own architecture. For example, crossword puzzles in tamizh are very much simple, as they will always have direct questions. Similarly, crosswords puzzles which are put in Hindu Young world magazine are easier to solve with the help of a single dictionary. Likewise, they are no specific rules to device the puzzle grid.The only restriction is, all questions should adopt a protocol in common.

Crossword Grid:

The layout of Crossword is simple. It is just a square frame containing internal squares.The squares are represented in two colors.
1. White - called as Light
2. Black - called as Dark.

Answers or the solutions must be filled in the Lights. All crossword puzzles provide at least two ways to complete the grid.

1. Filling the answers from Left to right. The clues will be sorted under ACROSS category.
2. Filling the answers from Top to Bottom. The Clues will be sorted under DOWN category.

There are some other kinds of puzzle where the clues follow two more directions Right to Left and Bottom to Top. Those puzzles look a bit tricky as the words need to be written in the reverse direction.

The Standard format of a Crossword Puzzle Clue will be.

{Clue Number} {Clue - Description} (Dimension)

The Clue numbers are mentioned in the crossword grid and the answers will be the solution of the corresponding Clue. The dimension is equally important., because sometimes, the solution might point to two words.In such cases, the dimension will be mentioned as (dimension1, dimension2). Some solutions can be predicted , if the related boxes are filled correctly. This is mostly applicable to words which are smaller in length , as a simple permutation or combination will do the trick.

Hindu Crossword puzzles:

Like every crossword puzzle, Hindu Crossword puzzles follow an unique way. These puzzles are not for beginners and even a mighty English dictionary cannot help solving the clues. The puzzle has to be broken into pieces. Once you get accustomed with it, then it is just a piece of cake.

General format:
[Synonym/Similar Word of the Answer] [Clue to find the Answer]
Every clue will have a hint to find the answer and there will be a synonym of the answer itself

Find the Broken Heart in the World(5)
Here the clue is "broken heart" and World is synonym of the answer.
The answer for this puzzles is EARTH. You will come to know , how to solve this in the later section.


It is mandatory to know the terminologies used. not just the name, but also its' descriptions.

Anagram Indicator - Anagram is a deformation of a word to get a new word. There wont be any direct clues like Anagram of . Instead, there are some words which will indicate that one or more words need to be jumbled to get the solution.

Heart is the Anagram of Earth. The Clue will be

Broken Heart(5)

Here the word broken is an Anagram indicator.Broken thing will have a different shape. So broken heart will get a new shape "EARTH"

The other way can be
Earthquake (5)
Here the word quake is an Anagram Indicator. Shaking the earth will change it shape and makes it HEART

Telescopic Indicator -
In some clues, the solution will be a part of the question itself. The answer will be folded or embedded in the question itself.

Hear them inside to find the broken heart(5)
Here the clue is "hear them" and the word inside is the telescopic indicator. So the solution is in the question itself. The puzzle can be cracked as

HEAR THem inside to find the broken heart. The answer is Earth which is broken HEART.

Homophone Indicator - This indicator, indicates that the actual solution sounds similar to the answer of the clue.

These are some basic indicators. There are many more indicators which are extension of these indicator.

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