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Joomla - A Short Overview

Joomla ,a component management system. Web design has been made easy with these Component Management Systems abbreviated as CMS. The challenging part in web designing is not just the user interface , but other back end dealings like communication with the server, interaction with the data source and many more. Manual coding accomplished such tasks in olden days. Things become monotonous and complicated, when the user count started increasing. The technology desperately needed an automation. Many architectures, languages brought the automation in their ways. One of them is this Component Management Systems(CMS).

One such famous CMS is Joomla. Joomla is an open source platform or can be called as a software. It can be downloaded from Joomla Homepage. Joomla follows a simple installation process which requires a little domain knowledge.It offers a fully customized control panel with multiple user support. Joomla carries a database named "Joomla" . So the back end has been occupied well to handle all your needs. This database is not a mandatory one. This can be replaced by custom database with corresponding configuration.

Almost all web hosting services now have fantastico installer. Joomla can be injected in the web server through the fantastico installer. The installer will guide you through out the setup process.

Joomla website does not lack in any feature that other website has. The main advantage of Joomla is , it is an open source . Also, third party plugins are plenty in deed to satisfy all your requirement. Joomla currently supports 1000s of plugins.Not only plugins, but there are some online merchants who sell professional joomla web templates which can directly be used to deploy a business website.

The threatening drawback of Joomla is, it is not immune to hackers. The plugins are the entry point for hackers. Most hackers develop attractive plugins and release them as free components. People who use those plugins in their website, welcome hackers without their knowledge. Joomla experts are reporting harmful plugins frequently. Having a tie up the joomla community will update you about the recent vulnerabilities. Many faulty plugins are being reported every week and they have been replaced by trusted ones.

Developing a simple website with Joomla:

Before launching a website in the online server, its better to try making a kick start. This guide helps you make a simple website in your local machine.

Get WAMP server. WAMP is nothing but Windows Apacha MySql PhP Server. You can get WAMP from their website.

Install WAMP.

  • Get the latest version of Joomla, from Joomla website
  • Unpack Joomla (if it is compressed) and put it in the WWW folder of WAMP.
  • (To open the WWW folder of WAMP, run WAMP and Left click the system tray icon and Click "www directory"
  • Rename the Joomla directory to your website Name (Here i use the name Syndrome)
  • Open a web browser and go to the address http://localhost/Syndrome/installation/index.php
  • Select a language and proceed.
  • Skim through the pre-installation check and click Next.
  • Accept the License Agreement and click Next.
  • Database configuration : use these configuration.

Database Type mysql
Hostname localhost
Username root
Pssword no password
Database Name joomla

  • FTP Settings : select No. Assuming that we dont have FTP for now.
  • Main configuration :Enter your site name,email Address,Administrator password (Note : This is your password for logging in to the control panel. Keep it safe) and click Next
  • Setup is almost over.
  • Delete the installation folder from the www directory to complete the setup.
  • After completing, you can enter the site as a admin by visiting the address http://localhost:8080/Syndrome/administrator
  • Login with username : admin and password :
  • Add articles and play around with the menus to bring colorful website online.

Infected with Harish Syndrome


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