July 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse 2009

The Sky is going to show us something special tomorrow.This has been announced as the longest solar eclipse, which lasts for 6 minutes and 39 Seconds.It could be special for India, as the complete screening of the Sun , called as Totality occurs in the Indian region, and probably a partial view can be recorded in the rest of the world.

Dont get too excited to view the Diamond Ring.There are some precautions.

1. Dont see the Eclipse with the Naked Eye. Due to the heavy brightness and other rays like UV could affect you eyes, which in worst case lead to permanent loss of Vision. Beware, you have many more eclipses to see, this will be not the last one.

2. There are some Shades with Filter that are available. You are safe to view with them.

3. There is another hand made device called Pinhole Projector. Sit tonight and construct it to enjoy the Eclipse.

4. Dont be too much cautious. Closing all the doors, turning off all lights and electrical appliances, and point this reason to bunk your classes(Offices in some cases).You are completely safe until you receive the sun light directly in to your eyes.

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