June 9, 2009

iPhone - A Review

Know What can an iPhone do (Cant do actually)
1. Camera Cannot record video clips

2. No Flash Support in web browser.

3. No Youtube Support.

4. No Instant Messaging services like Yahoo Go!

5. No Stereo in Bluetooth Headset

6. No third party Application Support

7. No Compatible Games, even from iTunes Store

8. No Custom mp3 Ringtones facility.

9. No Voice Recognition - (Shocking!!)

10. Multi-Screen On Screen Keyboard. Need switch screen to type puntucations.

11. No MMS Support - (Oh My God!!)

12. Not a regular GSM. Operator Dependent.

13. No Direct Music Download - Needs PC Sync.

14. No Integrated Modem.

15. No Real time GPS Maps.

16. No self replaceable battery - Need to dispatch to Apple.

17. No External Memory - Fixed built In.

18. No Cut, Copy, Paste Option.

19. Last but not least, You Cannot walk out from a shop with a working iPhone. You need to come home and unlock it.

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