June 9, 2009

Counter Strike - Online Gaming Setup

(Peel Skin Note : You must allow CS to connect to Internet and other networks in Hamachi - Firewall Settings)

Play Counter Strike in Intranet.

Creating a Server:

1. Open Command Dos Prompt

Pres "Windows key + R" to open Run.
Type cmd

2. Type ipconfig and press Enter.

3. Note the IP Address
This will be your Counter Strike Server address.

4. Open Counter Strike.

5. Create a Server.

Joining a Server:

1. Open Counter Strike.

2. Select Find Servers

3. Select LAN tab.

4. The Server should appear in the window

5. Double click to join the server.

Note: Some times the server may not appear in the window. in such case.

1. Open Counter Strike

2. Press tilda key (Key just above TAB key)

3. You will get a console window.

4. Type connect followed by Server IP

Example :

where, is your server IP address

5. This should connect you to the server.

Playing counter over Internet:

Joining a Server:

1. Open Counter Strike

2. Select Find Servers.

3. Click he Internet tab.

4. You will see the list of servers that are available.

5. Double click any of the servers to Join

Creating a Server:

Follow the Same Steps as Given for LAN, if the players who are using same ISP.

You and other players have IP address 59.x.x.x

If not.

1. Install and Setup Hamachi and Create a Network for your Server.

2. Make all the users who are going to play in your server to install and setup hamachi.

3. Create a Network and make others join the network in Hamachi

4. Create a Server and now your Hamachi IP is the CS Server IP.

5. Make other players to join in your Hamachi IP.

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