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Smartphones - Battle Royal

Really a big competition this season for Smart phones.

Stunning arrivals puts people under great confusion.

Two Kinds of Consumers:

1. People who always stick with their traditional gadgets.

2. People who tend to change on every new arrival.

Manufacturers need not worry about the first group of customers , as they can always retain them.

The biggest threat is the second kind of customers.

Their loss might greatly affect the balance in a Company's reach.

Recently Nokia 5800 greatly affected iPhone but that did not last longer.

Now the Grace for Smartmobiles have increased. As people opt for the one which could manage all their duties.

Now Mobiles Applications started flooding the internet, making a smartphone to do almost all works that a PC can do.

A typical Smartphone should be able to support.

The most famous iPhone found to be not supporting many applications, which surely goes negative.

Durability is also a factor. A mobile must be durable enough to enjoy it instead of worrying.

This time, Desktop Manufacturers like Intel also likely to enter the Mobile Arena. They might really make a good deal and a reliable product. Competition is keeps on increasing.

So , making a Typical Smartphone is really a big deal, even if a good mobile is made, merchandising is even more.

This Summer going to offer a great range of smartphone. And its the time for we people to Choose.

I have Chosen Already!


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