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Prototype - A Clumsy Game

The most clumsiest game i ever played. There are no rules to follow. You have no obstacles. This is the game where you can find the real meaning of the FREE ROME.

If you want to reach the mission place which is quite far from you. Keep a weight on the Keys FORWARD and SPRINT, you will reach the place. There is no need for mouse. The game is full of bloods, tissues and nauseating infected people. I recommend this game to be played in low graphics to minimize the effect of violence.

One thing attracted me is the variety of powers that Alex Mercer gains. Especially the whip and street sweeper combination. Whenever you find your EP Low, just get in to an infected area and use this Street sweeper to clear out nearby enemies.

The Blade is the most powerful weapon. I drained most of Elizabeth Greene's health with fewer number of Chops with blade.

The Knuckle shockwave happens to be my favorite. And its is fatal as you can wipe out Strike team at ease. Just get in to an infected zone,consume some infected people, get to critical mass and use this power. Wah!!!!

Biggest humbug in the game

As per the story , Alex Mercer is dead. But when you go out of health in game and pass away, the screen will say ALEX IS DEAD. Could have been as ALEX HAS BEEN DEFEATED.


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HQL to SQL Convertor

Stepping in to the field of java API. Presenting you my first invention HQL to SQL convertor. This is a Command line version with which you can convert simple Hibernate query language(HQL) to Structured Query Language.

This is my first release and not an exception for bugs and errors. If you find any errors, please feel free to inform me. Your suggestion are valuable.

Usage :

java -jar HQLtoSQLConvertor.jar


java -jar HQLtoSQLConvertor.jar "from Syndrome"

HQL to SQL Convertor

Difference Between Cloudy Vision and Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision:

If the Sharpness of the Image goes of, its blurred Vision. The image appears like its is not Clear and details wont be clear enough to analyze what is what. In the worst case, the Shape of the Image goes blurred, even a Cow appear as an ATM Machine

Cloudy Vision:

Cloudy vision means
Consider a glass of water , add a drop of Milk in it.
Then see how it looks.
That is how you would see the world. The whole thing is clear but you would see a Mild Screen.

Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk

Nero 9

Yes. At least that is what it claims. Anybody using Nero 9, please update how efficient is this feature.

Nero BackItUp & Burn lets you:

* Perform tasks quickly and intuitively in just a few steps
* Back up data to hard drive, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, FTP, memory card,
and online storage*
* Rely on automatic backups to local hard drives and online storage
* Schedule backup jobs with flexibility and convenient e-mail confirmation
* Burn discs with the world's most reliable burning application
* Create audio CDs, copy DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs
* Sync all your files and folders for easy access to the latest versions
* Recover data from deleted and damaged storage media
* Restore files, folders, drives, and entire systems
* Enjoy the Nero Online Backup trial and get 1 GB storage space for 3
months FREE

Please define the storage media. Can it retrieve data ( at least partially) from a damaged CD/DVD.

(A Direct quote from Nero)