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Nokia 5220 Bugs

Nokia 5220, one of the cheapest S40 Mobile belongs to XpressMusic(TM) family is prone to hell lot of Bugs.

Being a proud owner of this Mobile , i encountered these crazy bugs, but still am not fed up. Am
loving it!

1. Occasionally ,when you try to apply 3rd party theme, you get an error message Theme Corrupted. Which gets fixed by itself for god sake dont know how.

2. While playing music through headset, try pulling out the headset, while the music is on. The Screen slowly turns white and the mobiles restart..

3. To type V, u need to press the Key 8 thrice. This works perfectly in text messages. But when you do the same in search, if you press Key 8 thrice , it will type T U V.

This bug i found in Software version 4.83.

To rectify it, try to make the Second press with a bit longer duration(not too much , as it ends up in numbers)

4. Most recent bug i found is this one. Software version 5.63. While playing music through headset, when you receive a text message, you wont hear the normal SMS tone what you set instead you will get a Single beep.

When you get such a beep. These things happen.

1. Song is paused , till the beep is over (Ofcourse this aint a bug)

2. Before hearing the beep sound, the current song volume increase to the level of the Beep for a while and comes back to normal. You will hear Sudden Jerk in the Volume

3. When the beep is over and the Song is resumed, the Song is rewinded to some point.

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tzahanul said…
How about my bug? I installed facebook mobile , it ran the first time on the phone (conenctions and all) but then the phone rebooted. immediatly after restart the jar was corrupted so I deleted it. connected the phone through USB>MASS STORAGE to manually add the jad/jar of facebook and the phone never stopped rebooting since. I have to mention that the app was downloaded from official websites and such so now I am desperate for a method to get a hold of my personal data from the phone's memmory. if you just might know something , let me know please?

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