July 4, 2009

Send Email From Mobile without GPRS

Email - The word always makes you to think about another term Internet. Now add one more word to think, Mobile.

Got to send an Email but

A - Your have a mobile which does not support GPRS
B - Your Service provider dont have a GPRS Support, dont worry

For Combinations
A and B
A or B
Only A but not B
Only B but not A

You have the solution right now.

Just log in to Email to SMS and sign up with yout Mobile.

Follow the procedure they tell you.


Now you Can Use your Mobile as your Inbox.

Features: (Quoted from Website)

  • Works with any ISP or Mailing solution(eg.MS Exchange, Lotus Notes or any Linux based solutions).
  • Works on all existing mobile phones
  • No GPRS required
  • No special software required
  • Instant New Email Notification
  • Receive Complete Email
  • Global Functionality (Receiving SMS is free everywhere)
  • Activation and setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • Emails are stored in an encrypted format on our server.

Keywords: (Quoted from Website)

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