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Counter Strike - No.1 Online game

Counter Strike(CS):

Seriously , this could be an ultimate entertainment. Even i use to play CS the whole day. CS is an international game.This is not just a game, but beyond.Official tournaments are being kept and you can see some of them in televison , where players die hard to play and win the game.Here are some descriptions about what i know in Counter Strike.

1. CounterStrike - Condition Zero

2. CounterStrike - 1.6 (No Special Name)

3. CounterStrike - Source.

Condition zero is the first version of the Series. With very minimal graphics and decent weapon models. The Environment, objects around map are fairly modeled.Funny thing in this version is , when u shoot your enemy, blood sprinkles in pieces not drops. This is not a most played version, but still a good one to start with for the beginners.The main disadvantage is that, you need a separate software to search for the available serves.

If you know the IP Address , then you can join directly using connect command in the console.

Counter Strike 1.6 is the most played version. You dont need a special software to play this online. You are provided with an option called "Find Servers" which will provide you the list of servers that are open for players. The list will also give you additional information about the type of server.

1. A shield Icon describes the Server as Anti-Cheat protected.

2. A Lock icon describes the Server as password protected. You need to enter a password to join the server. Mostly dedicated closed servers will use it.

This version is contains a lot of bugs.

1. Silent C4 Planting - C4 wont beep after planting, so it would be difficult to find the C4 location.

2. Silent Defuse -The sound while initiating the bomb defuse wont come.

3. Invisible C4 Planting - C4 is planted inside a Box, so it becomes invisble.

4. Grenade bugs - Grenade thrown at one point, gets blasted in some other location.

This is banned in some cLans and Servers.Still worth playing.The difficulty in aiming and shooting is very much less when compared to Condition Zero. So gamers who are intermidiate in Condition Zero will be Experts in Cs 1.6.

Counter Strike Source is the latest version of the Series. The graphics is really good and the soldier models are awesome. The weapons are given more reality. The lens in the sniper shows a miniature image of things in front , when you are not aiming unike the other version where you see a blue color lens. The interesting thing which caught my eye is the Flash Bang. When you are hit by a flash bang, you visible goes blank for a while, while you recover you will see what you saw before you are hit by flash bang and slowly you recover with a blurred vision. But this is not played much.

Again , the game play is made even more easy. Experts in other versions can be called as Pro-s in this version. Headshots are like a peice of cake in this version.

There is another version of Counter Strike, which rather can be called as Mod. Counter Strike Anthology. This version is released mainly to remove the Counter Strike 1.6 bugs. CS Anthology is nothing but a combination of Condition Zero and CS 1.6 with some additional features.

1. The Weapons are the same as in Condition Zero

2. The Map, environments and interactive objects are same as in CS 1.6

3. The Soldier will have a new looks, which are not identical to any of the CS Versions.

The Main advantage of this version is, both CS 1.6 and Cs Anthology versions can be run in the Same server i.e If you create the Server in CS 1.6, you can join the server with CS Anthology. The one who uses Anthology will see the Models , Weapons of their version design.Interesting is it not.


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