July 16, 2009

Apples Bans iTunes for Palm PRE

Apple finally did it.

Already i had small thought, that apple would ban the iTunes support for its Competitor. Now it has come true(Clairvoyance!!!!). The latest update of iTunes 8.2.1 has positive bugs(new word huh!!). These bugs dont affect the performance of Apple Products, instead they reject non apple products, that includes its rival Palm PRE. There were many devices available which will work like iPod. Now they are no more. Their iTunes feature has be snatched. No more faking softwares. No more Burma Bazaar items which look like iPod.

Apple is planning to completely wash out the compatibility of other fruits, i mean non-apple products. And this could be the first step.

My Question is.!
After isolating apple products in software section, will they move for hardware?. Such that, only apple accessories can be used for their iPod and iPhone.!!

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