July 10, 2009

Twitter - The Buzziest Network

The Image in the page Speaks more than the words that are coming below.

Just pressed the key sequence "twitter ctrl + enter" in my firefox browser.Astonished to see a community which just gives what doing status is overloaded. This symbolizes that twitter is growing very fast .Most top rated bloggers are using twitter ,says some survey(Dont screw me asking the evidence). The overload or most famous phrase Our rabbit is eating carrot happens to download sites as download is what the main business for a considerable amount of internet users.

This error raises a question.

Is twitter suffering overload which implicitly projects their popularity?

Their server is little unstable?

Because most forum like Digital Point is suffering from database error, where users frequently encounter database error problem.

Twitter - Salud!!

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

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