July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson's Funeral - Turned to be a Celebration!

Yesterday i watched Pop Ruler Michael Jackson's Funeral live in NDTV.

The crowd counted more than few thousands. The Funeral was successful as a whole. But in the interim, i had a doubt whether it is a sad occasion or a function that is being celebrated.

People were mocking and laughing around there. None of the eyes showed a signature of sorrow or sadness. Even i saw some broad smile on their face.

This is nothing. The most bitter thing is that, MJ's relatives welcomed people with a smile.Shocking! I asked within myself,

"Are they Celebrating M's death?"

This is much disgusting. People like me in india who Love MJ ,suffered without a way to attend the MJ's Funeral, but the so called fans who got a chance to witness the Sad end of MJ were found to be lethargic.

Where the world is going.?

- Infected with Harish Syndrome

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