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Selecting a Good Perfume


, a mandatory cosmetic for every men and women. Especially for people who live in hot areas with drastic climatic conditions.

Perfume what we use should neither be hitting the nose nor felt only by yourself. Applying too much perfume might cause head ache to people who inhale(Even Nausea in Worst case).

Perfumes are two types.

1.Exclusive for Men/Women

Universal perfumes are general perfumes that are made with fragrance liked(or disliked) by all genders.Any one can have it.

Perfume Exclusive for Men/Women are what the name says. The Perfumes are made especially for men/women to attract the Opposite gender.Most of the perfumes are even provoking. The main reason for this is , the ingredients that are added give a Special aroma that are nose pulling for the counter parts. Ofcourse there are some chemical, scientifical , psychological reasons and explanations behind that we need not know now.

The interesting fact about this partial perfumes are , they dont smell much or even dont even smell for the person who applies it.
Even i heard from my aunt advising me to spray my perfume a little as it is smell very strong to her. As a matter of fact, i hardly smell anything.


Perfume is completely different from Deodorants which are predominantly strong to suppress body odour.

When it comes to Deodorants, the Same case have different meaning.

Deodorant for men are Very Strong as Men Sweat much.

Deodorant for Women are mild and mostly flower fragrance.

These categories of deodorants are mainly to measure the Degree of Falvour added but no to attract the oppsite gender like Perfumes do.

So be sure to select a right perfume and spray it like how it must be not like a Pesticide.

- Infected with Harish Syndrome


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