December 27, 2009

Internet Explorer - No Cut Copy Paste for Blogger

This is weird , really weird. I encountered this while i was trying to create an article for this site. The problem is, i was not able to figure out the basic editor options cut,copy and paste operation in the right click context menu. Sometimes , due to human error, the mouse's impression will be in some other area, so right click opens the option for that area. Initially, i thought that , i did that mistake. So , i clicked the blogger editor once again and made a right click. The menu was like this

There is no Copy, Cut and Paste options.Worst case, even the shortcuts did not work.
Spent some time(wasted) on it to figure out and finally located the options in the browser menu bar under Edit option.
What made them to skip those options under right click context menu.


Infected with Harish Syndrome

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