January 1, 2010

Create Watermark with Photoshop

Watermarking is a way of making any content , propertied. Mostly images are watermarked with the company name , website name etc. There is a special way of watermarking an image. There is no point of making a watermark in the corner of an image. It can cropped with just a image editing tool. The watermark must exactly slide into the main part of the image. At the same time, watermarks should not block or make the image appear bad. This can be achieved by the transparency factor.

With Adobe(TM) photoshop, you can achieve it like a piece of cake.


Text watermarking:

Open Adobe Photoshop
Open the image to be watermarked.
Click the text icon in the Toolbar to select the Text Editing tool.
Now click on the image at a desired place. The cursor will blink prompting you to edit text.Type some text.
Adjust the font face , size and other factors if required.
Now the text might be hiding the image.

Right click the Text Layer in the Layer Pane (Right Corner) and select Blending Options.
In the menu that appears, slide the Opacity slider towards left so that your text becomes transparent.
If you are satisfied with the opacity level, click OK to apply the effect.

Export the image are PNG to retain the transparent background if any.

Image Watermarking:
  • Open the image to be watermarked.
  • Open the watermark image (to be applied as a watermark).
  • Press the restore button in the top right corner, So that you can see both the images in tiled windows.
  • Click on the watermark image and drag it to the other image(in which you want to apply the watermark).Now your watermark should be above the other image in a new layer.
  • Now apply the same procedure what you followed for text watermarking.

Now your copyrighted image is ready

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