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Yahoo Answers bypass Internet Explorer multiple session mode

This is a typical feature of Internet explorer 8 to have multiple sessions. If you have multiple accounts in a same sites, like gmail., you cannot log in to all the accounts at once in browsers like Firefox.When you sign in to one of your accounts, even if you open same website in new window, you will be signed in automatically. But in Internet explorer, there is an option called New Session You can see the option under File -> New-> New Session. When you use that option , you can open multiple sessions i.e You can open gmail in multiple windows and you can sign in to them separately such that none of the sessions talk to each other.This is really helpful for people who could not manage their work in a single session.This works for almost all websites.

But now i tried Yahoo answers. I opened IE8 and signed in to my yahoo account.Then i opened a new session, shocking!!!!. I was signed in already. I tried many times but failed. I logged out in one window which in turn made me to lose my login sessions in all my windows.Whats special with Yahoo answers?

This multiple sessions work in most websites , general email, social bookmarks, forums, online societies but not with yahoo answers.


Infected with Harish Syndrome


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