December 31, 2009

Unlock the fourth core in AMD Phenom Tricore processor

There are two questions related to this topic.

1. Does AMD tri-core processor has four cores? (If you dont know this?)
2. How to unlock the fourth core , in the AMD Phenom tricore processor?

Answer for first question is Yes.

The tricore processor is actually a four core, commercially called as Quad core processor. The fourth core has been locked. Various sources say, the lock is due to pricing issue. But , the real reason is due the instability of the processor. Its design is a quad core processor of dimension .60nm, with optimal clock frequency, But the manufactures encountered a kind of apparent instability on the processor. So instead of wiping out the design, they fixed the issues by just disabling(locking) the fourth core to make it absolutely stable. Pricing issue may be one of the reasons, but the core reason for locking the core is the stability factor.

Answer for second question is below.

Yes you can break the lock to use the four cores together. For that, you just need to play with the BIOS.

Start your system.
Go to chipset configuration
Change Clock Calibration to AUTO
Now your fourth core is enabled.

Before doing this process, prepare your mind that you may lose your system anytime. Because, the manufactures tested and finally arrived to the conclusion that, the processor is unfit to have four cores running. So you are taking a big risk.

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