June 4, 2009

Yahoo Answers Error : 999

The Most irritating thing is Yahoo Answers is error 999.

This mostly happens when you post too many answer in Yahoo Answers successively.

Yahoo misunderstands this as


2. Suspicious activity in Your Network.

3. Spyware that is flooding Yahoo Server.

As a result you might be able to post for some weeks, worst case for Months.

Preventive Measures:

1. Restrict the number of answers per day.

2. Dont answer too many question one after the other. Give Some time.

3. Be Patient.

Any ways. Yahoo needs put an end to this by using Image Verification.

1 comment:

indiessance said...

I started getting the Y!A Error:999 syndrome this weekend. It might be related to failed attempt at getting Comcast/Fancast/Hulu/Xfinity configured in a Linux box, that is if there was spyware/spamming spawned by that. Or. It could have been the squid cache proxy that I installed this weekend. But my question is...

How long did your Error: 999s usually last?