June 5, 2009

USB Cable for Networking and Data Transfer Between Computers

Did you know that you can copy/ network two computers using USB-USB cable ??

The nearest to this that I've heard of is "M$ 's easy transfer cable" which is used by Windows Xp's File & settings transfer program.

But the actual fact is that we need a special cable unlike the Male-to-Female connect (used as extension cables) or even the Male-to-Male cable (which by the way, can destroy ur PC's USB/power supply etc).

It works in two modes

1. Link Mode
2. Network Mode

The former is meant for easy transfer of files, and is probably the reason for using the cable.

The latter's use similar to a network ethernet cable. It can be used for file, internet and printer sharing.

A little pricey. ~ $8 - $10 for a china make on ebay

(A direct quote from Hardware Secrets)

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