June 5, 2009

Intel to own Wind River Now

Wind River , one of the leading Software optimization organization which will be owned by Intel Soon.

Intel which facing really a difficult competition among the other Manufacturer. On the One hand it needs to counter its CPU rivals and on the other hand its Intel Atom Processor designed for Mobiles should reach the Market well.

The main reasons behind is Intel Started concentrating Linux based Systems that are using Intel processors in it. Secondly, the need enough Software solution and Application Support. So it will be more healthy for INTEL to Acquire Wind River.

Intel had enough reach in PC. Now they mainly want to go wide into Notebook Processors.

By acquiring Wind River, Intel could get a bigger place in Software area. Intel also has a plan to Extend the Wind River technology to it Multi Core Based Processor for enhanced performance, which maily targets Intel Larrabee Processor.

Experts Review

(Quoted from PCWORLD)

"Intel already had quite a bit of embedded software expertise, and a bit of the motivation was to ramp that up," Wind River's products fit right into Intel's software offerings, which include compilers and tools like Vtune that analyzes and optimizes software performance. Compilers are a key to optimizing software for execution on the x86 processor instruction set
- McCarron.

"The company seems to be interested in the broader mobile and embedded software space, which continues to embrace Linux.Intel is obviously moving more aggressively into both software and mobile and embedded devices, so this acquisition fits both of those."
- Lyman

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