June 6, 2009

iPhone and Palm PRE - One on One

Palm PRE Joins the touch screen mania along with iPhone and HTC.

As HTC is mostly compared to a professional mobile and available in variety of series (even for 8000 INR), it is in no way to compete with iPhone which has only two versions 16 GB and 32 GB.

Now iPhone cannot ride the bike alone in Mobile Street. Palm PRE has entered with new WEB-OS with a brilliant features

Peel Skin Comparison:

  • iPhone has 3G
  • Palm PRE also has 3G

  • iPhone is Touch Mobile
  • Palm PRE is also Touch. Mobile.

  • iPhone comes in 8GB and 16 GB Version
  • Palm PRE comes in fixed 8GB Version.

Coming from Back:

  • Palm PRE has a 3MP Camera.
  • iPhone has a 1.3MP/2MP* Camera
  • Palm PRE Comes with Plenty of Pre-Locaded Applications.
  • iPhone - Very Few
  • Palm PRE equiped Typical Mobile Feauters like SMS Forwarding, Video Recording.
  • iPhone - !!!

Buy yourself and Check

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a very bias one-on-one.

Wait until the next-gen iphone comes out next month with its 3.2-megapixel camera, Video-recording and editing capabilities, Double the RAM and processing power (of the current model), and its ability to send a picture & video via MMS. Features which will make the iphone up to par if not better than the Palm PRE.

Along with the successful App Store, I'd say that the iphone is more than capable of "riding the bike alone in Mobile Street". The only drawback for the iphone are the outrageous AT&T plans.