June 2, 2009

Windows Good or Bad

GOOD for Normal Users.

1. Variety of Softwares Applications to solve all basic need.

2. Easy to install with just a double( Even can be changed to single clicks).

3. World of PC Gaming has mainly concentrated Windows as a basic thing.

4. No command typing and coding knowledge required.

5. Accessibility and Easy Adaptability.

BAD for Advanced users:

1. You cannot edit or develop any part of Existing windows. You might add something.

2. Errors thrown by Windows are known only to Windows and cannot be rectified by without prior Knowledge.

3. Extensive GUI and Vibrant design sometimes irritates us when u are in a urge to login into our system. It loads slowly.

4. Vulnerable to hackers and Virus. The Easiest executable file is .exe. To protect ourself from those vulnerabilities we need third party Softwares.

5. Iritating Warnings when u just disable your firewall some work and many other warnings.

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