June 6, 2009

Formatting a HDD

Formating Non-Os Volume::

1. Open MyComputer.

2. Right Click on the drive partition that has to be formatted.

3. Select Format and Click Ok.

Formating Partition that has Operating System:

1. Insert any Windows Installation CD.

2. Reboot

3. Continue Installation.

4. Proceed until you get a Menu to select "Where to install XP"

5. There Select the Drive that has Operating System.

6.. In the next Screen , You have five Options

-> Format with FAT (quick)
->Format with NTFS (Quick)

-> Format with FAT (full)
->Format with NTFS (full)

-> leave as such.

Select any of the above four formatting options.

Wipe Out Entire Hard Disk:

1. Follow the precious method till Step 4.

2. Highlight the Drive you want to to remove and Press D and L.

3. Do it for all the partitions to get a full unpartitioned Disk.

Format OS-Partition Cold Method (Warning : Dont try it in your computer)

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